• Seize the midrange storage opportunity for you and your customers

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    • Claim your share of a $15.5B market

      Midrange storage is the largest and fastest growing segment in a storage market worth $15.5B* – and Dell EMC is the only vendor that has market leading offerings across midrange and entry level storage to help you claim your share.

    • *IDC ESS Tracker, FY2019, June 9, 2020

    • Benefits of partnering with Dell Technologies

    • Earn even more with Midrange Storage

      Dell Technologies’ Midrange Storage portfolio provides your customers with leading solutions for their specific requirements and workloads – but it also offers massive benefits for you, too.


      There is a range of financial incentives when you sell Dell Technologies’ Midrange Storage solutions:

      • New Business Incentive
      • Partner Preferred
      • Competitive Swap
      • <$100K storage incentives
      • NBI rebates
      • MyRewards
      • Tech Refresh
      • Midrange promos

    • powerstore
      • PowerStore

        Designed for the data era

        PowerStore is the Intel® based next generation storage appliance designed for the data era with a data-centric, intelligent, and adaptable infrastructure that supports both traditional and modern workloads. Take advantage of new opportunities with customers that have performance growth orientated workloads and those with large database applications, as well as satellite operations.

    • Data visibility is a top IT imperative for the majority of organizations.

      PowerStore supports and accelerates digital transformation by delivering:

      • Target Market

      • 1

        Traditional to modern databases and applications, general purpose file (unified with block or <50 TBe standalone)

      • 2

        Tech refresh opportunities when existing platforms (XtremIO, high-end VNX, and SC Series) are no longer a fit

      • 3

        PowerStore appliances with AppsON enabled are also ideal candidates for infrastructure apps or data intensive workloads that have traditionally been deployed on three-tier architecture. Some examples include, but are not limited to, SQL Server 2019, Splunk, Hadoop, and MongoDB

      • Ideal for customers


        • Looking to deliver consistent operations, infrastructure, and management across their data center, the edge, and public cloud – for a true hybrid experience
        • Seeking efficiency through a consolidated data footprint for reduced cost and management
        • Looking for automation functionality that frees up resources and reduces staffing
        • Wanting increased application mobility
        • Looking for predictability to plan for the future
        • Wanting to enable continuous infrastructure modernization, and provide investment protection through flexible payment solutions and data-in-place upgrades

      • Future-Proof your customers’ infrastructure and investment

        Realize the value of today’s infrastructure, safe in the knowledge that your customers’ investments are protected long-term with the Dell Technologies Future-Proof Program. 

      • Anytime Upgrades

        • Dell Technologies offers the industry’s most comprehensive upgrade program – with data-in-place upgrades for same generation/next-generation appliances and second systems.


          Seamlessly modernize your customers’ infrastructure as workloads and requirements change without requiring new licensing or additional purchases, without a forklift upgrade, without downtime, and without impacting applications.

        • Upgrade options:

          • Upgrade existing appliance nodes from the current generation to next generation nodes
          • Upgrade to a higher model e.g. convert your PowerStore appliance from a 1000 model to a 3000 model
          • Scale out their existing environment with a second system that's equal to their current model

      • Dell Technologies On Demand

        Dell Technologies On Demand includes a wide range of consumption models and flexible payment solutions that help your customers to predictably budget for IT spend, pay for technology as it is used, and achieve optimal total cost of ownership over the full technology lifecycle.


        • Pay As You Grow
          • Pay As You Grow


        • Pay As You Grow
          • Flex On Demand
          • Data Center Utility


      Align predictable payments with business goals, deployment schedules, and growth forecasts


      Meter variable usage to pay only for what is consumed, and scale up or down with elastic capacity

    • ** Payment solutions provided by Dell Financial Services L.L.C. (DFS) or its affiliate or designee, subject to availability and may vary in certain countries. Where available, offers may be changed without notice

      • How can you get involved?

        We’ve created everything you need to go out and win, so equip yourselves for PowerStore sales success with access to training, events, marketing program collateral, and more.


        Don’t forget to use our campaign resources to communicate the key benefits and business value of PowerStore. You’ll find all the tools and marketing materials you need to adopt a consultative selling approach and drive the PowerStore conversation.

    • Popular Resources

      • PowerScale

        Simplicity at any scale, anywhere

        Dell Technologies has set a new standard for unstructured data storage. PowerScale is the next evolution of OneFS, and is specifically designed to help customers bring much needed structure to their unstructured data. PowerScale - seamlessly scales to handle any data, anywhere, and with intelligent insights.



        • What's the opportunity for you?

          Unstructured data holds huge potential to help business leaders understand results, anticipate what’s coming, and act quickly on risk and opportunity. And it’s growing at a phenomenal rate in terms of volume, variety and velocity.

          IDC predicts that by 2025 80% of data growth will be unstructured data1 , and this explosive growth will require organizations to invest in scalable infrastructure solutions. This makes PowerScale an exciting business opportunity!


        • 1 Source: IDC

        • What's the opportunity for your customers?

          Unstructured data is not only increasing at a ferocious rate, it is being created and processed outside of the data center and cloud. And with IT budgets not increasing in line with this new reality, organizations require an unstructured storage solution that:

          • Brings structure to their unstructured data – from edge, to core, to cloud, and can scale in terms of capacity and performance
          • Handles diverse and unpredictable workloads running in multiple locations
          • Makes it easy to find and analyze data

          PowerScale delivers Simplicity at any scale to handle Any data, Anywhere and with Intelligent Insights.

        • Key benefits of PowerScale:

          • Consolidates data from any location
          • Enables intelligent data insights
          • Scales to handle any data, anywhere
          • Delivers up to 5X the power for the same cost
          • Easy to deploy
          • Reduces rackspace
          • Includes support for all major cloud providers
          • Delivers long term investment protection

          • Future-proof your customer’s infrastructure and investment

            Realize the value of today’s infrastructure safe in the knowledge that your customer’s investment is protected long-term with Dell Technologies’ Future-Proof program. 

        • Dell Technologies On Demand

          Dell Technologies On Demand provides more choice, flexibility, and predictability in how you and your customers consume IT infrastructure in today’s on-demand economy.


          Our wide range of consumption models and “as-a-service” offerings combine flexible payment solutions with value-added professional services, helping your customers free up resources and focus priorities on innovation.


          And of course everything is based on our innovative end-to-end portfolio of leading IT infrastructure technologies, relied upon by so many organizations around the world.

        • How can you get involved?

          There’s a host of resources available to help you drive the PowerScale conversation and win new business. Equip yourselves for PowerScale sales success with training, events, marketing program collateral, and so much more.

      • Popular Resources

      • Dell EMC Unity XT
      • Dell EMC Unity XT

        No compromise midrange storage

        The completely refreshed, next generation Dell EMC Unity XT family – no compromise midrange storage. Built new from the ground up to deliver unified storage speed and efficiency, and built for a multi-cloud world. Dell EMC Unity XT All-Flash and Hybrid Flash arrays set new standards for storage – all in a modern NVMe-ready design – to meet the needs of resource-constrained customers in large or small companies.

        • Target Market

        • 1

          Midrange market price range from just under $10K - $250K

        • 2

          IT Generalists, IT Managers, IT Storage Admins, LOB/Application Managers 

        • 3

          Addresses IT transformation with All-Flash storage optimized for performance, simplicity, and flexibility for mixed virtualized application workloads and all-inclusive software

        • Ideal for customers


          • Struggling with storage demands and experiencing high data growth while budgets aren’t increasing. Ideal for IT teams handling servers, storage, networking, virtualization, etc.
          • Seeking affordable flash performance with high density and the ability to manage copies without performance impact
          • Looking to remove complexity from midrange storage management and cloud access with easy to install, configuration, manage, and support capabilities
          • Needing to provide flexible deployment options to meet varying capex/opex requirements, scale, and workloads

      • Popular Resources

      • PowerVault

        Simplicity in high-performance and high-capacity entry storage

        The Dell EMC PowerVault Series brings the essential features of high-end storage to small-medium businesses – simply and affordably. These storage systems drive application performance higher for a wide range of businesses and applications. If your customers are looking for raw power and simplicity in a small footprint, are cost-conscious, and need storage availability and reliability, then Dell EMC PowerVault Series is ideal for them.

        • Target Market

        • 1

          SMB, ROBO, Enterprise Department and Workgroup, OEM

        • 2

          IT Generalists, Server/Storage Admins, LOB/Application Managers, OEM integrators

        • 3

          Addresses customers facing price sensitivity and simplicity needs. PowerVault is affordable entry storage for small scale server and application environments – SAN and DAS

        • Ideal for customers

          • Looking to remove complexity from storage environments with an easy to deploy and use array that’s also able to direct attach with servers or flexibly deploy as an SAN if needed.
          • Seeking the ability to configure storage either as an all flash array for top performance needs, or as a hybrid array to get the performance of flash at the best cost.
          • Requiring an affordable storage solution with deployment flexibility to address small scale applications/databases, Exchange, and virtual server deployments.

      • Popular Resources

      • PowerMax
        • POWERMAX

          The world's fastest data storage array(1)

          PowerMax changes the game for data storage. Built with end-to-end NVMe, real-time machine learning, and up to 10 million IOPS*, the Dell EMC PowerMax storage array with Intel® Optane® technology features high-speed smarts to power all of your customers’ most critical workloads.

        • Target Market

        • 1

          CTO, CIO, Mainframe Storage Manager, Open Storage Manager, IT Risk Management

        • 2

          Industries: Financial Services, Banking, Insurance, Government

        • Ideal for customers

          • Needing faster I/O, replication response times
          • Minimizing mainframe total cost of ownership
          • Concerned over malicious data breaches
          • Meeting mainframe service level agreements

      • Popular Resources

      • ¹ Based on Dell EMC internal analysis comparing Random Read Hits Max IOs Per Second (Within a single array) for the PowerMax 8000 against VMAX 950F, July 2019. ² Based on Dell EMC internal analysis of Random Read Hits Max IOs Per Second (Within a single array) for the PowerMax 8000, July 2019. *Based on Dell EMC internal analysis of published bandwidth of the PowerMax 8000 (350GB/s) versus competitive mainstream arrays, July 2019.