• Simplify the Deployment & Management of Microsoft SQL Server with Dell EMC Storage 

      Dell EMC storage solutions for Microsoft SQL Server can be rightsized for performance and capacity at initial deployment and scale to meet future needs.

    • Modernize Your Microsoft SQL Server Environment

      • Consolidate multiple Microsoft SQL Server versions to ensure consistent performance & data services.  
      • Improve productivity and accelerate time to market with end-to-end automation of protection and self-service database copies. 
      • Reduce your capacity needs with thin provisioning, deduplication and compression that doesn’t consume server resources. 
      • Deploy in minutes with a system rightsized for performance and capacity and easily scale-up in as little as single drive increments. 
    • Simplify Microsoft SQL Server with Unity XT

    • Dell EMC’s Unity XT is an active-active scale-up architecture, available in a variety of models to meet the capacity & performance needs for Microsoft SQL Server database deployments. Dell EMC Unity XT systems are 85% efficient and deliver up to 790TB effective capacity per rack unit.

    • Dell EMC Data Storage for Microsoft SQL

      Integrated Copy Data Management (iCDM)
      On-demand copies of production databases can be created and mounted in minutes without impacting production performance. Eliminate complicated custom scripting through automation and orchestration for protection and repurposing of Microsoft SQL Server databases.

      Consolidate All Your Microsoft Versions
      A typical company will have at least 3 versions of Microsoft SQL Server in their datacenter. Consolidating these on Dell EMC Storage allows for common data services like compression, deduplication, replication, encryption at rest, snapshot protection & repurposing.

      Right-sized for Today and Beyond
      Dell EMC Unity XT storage arrays can be deployed in less than 25 minutes from unboxing to servicing IO from servers. Available in a variety of models to meet the performance and capacity needs at deployment and can scale-up in increments as low as just a single drive.

    • Solutions Offerings

    • Dell EMC Unity XT

      Dell EMC Unity XT

      Dell EMC Unity XT provides a high-performing storage solution for Microsoft SQL Server that is simple to deploy and scales up to meet the needs for all of your database instances. Moreover, inline data services ensure that databases are stored efficiently and securely for consolidation of all your Microsoft SQL Server instances.

    • Dell EMC PowerMax

      Dell EMC PowerMax

      For the most demanding of Microsoft SQL Server environments, Dell EMC PowerMax offers up to 15 million IOPS on an array with proven mission critical capabilities. PowerMax scales up and out to ensure predictable and consistent performance of Microsoft SQL Server databases regardless of use case.

    • Storage for Microsoft SQL Server Resources

    Dell EMC Unity XT Overview

    • Dell EMC Unity XT Storage Solution Overview

      Dell EMC Unity XT Storage Solution Overview

      Dell EMC Unity XT meets the wide range of Microsoft SQL Server environment capacity and performance needs with a dual-active scale-up architecture to easily meet ever-increasing needs over the life of the array.

    • Top Reasons

      Top Ten Reasons: Why Customers Deploy Unity XT for Microsoft SQL Server

      Learn how Dell EMC Unity XT provides the right sized array, on-array database protection, and much more.

    Dell EMC PowerMax Overview

    • Dell EMC PowerMax Solution Overview

      Dell EMC PowerMax Solution Overview

      Learn why PowerMax is a platform for optimizing the performance, efficiency, and agility capabilities for all your Microsoft SQL Server databases instances.

    • Top Reasons

      Top 10 Reasons: Why Customers Deploy Dell EMC PowerMax for Microsoft SQL Server

      Learn how Dell EMC PowerMax provides high performance for Microsoft SQL Server, mission critical in-array availability, and much more.