Automated Rehabilitation: Reducing Recovery Times

Automation may be the future of rehabilitation. By increasing physical therapy motions fivefold, the Harmony robot could revolutionize upper-body recovery.

Using AI to Identify & Help Struggling Students

By analyzing interactions in web-based learning management systems, college advisors can connect to struggling students and help them stay on the path to graduation and future success.

Using Digital Technology to Disconnect & Relax

While there is a perception that technology is in our way of staying in the present, it can do wonders in connecting people to mindfulness in the modern world full of distractions.

Sound Waves to Fight Wildfires: How Does it Work?

Across the globe, deadly wildfires from California to Australia are creating new risks for both humans and the planet. Amid the growing devastation, technology offers a promising solution once deemed impossible: Extinguishing wildfires with sound waves.

Big Data & Tracking Technology for Hockey Growth

With 5G, IoT and virtual reality, the National Hockey League is leveraging puck tracking and unmatched data insights to create as many opportunities as possible for fans to consume, watch and engage with the game of ice hockey.

Core, Cloud, and Edge Computing: Good Things Come in Threes

How does infrastructure need to evolve to meet the anticipated growth in edge computing? Enterprises across the globe are exploring how emerging technologies and hybrid computing will reshape the corporate data center as we enter the next data decade.