PowerProtect Data Manager – Modern Cloud Data Protection Innovation

It has often been said that necessity is the mother of invention. Perhaps she is the mother of digital transformation too. Two years of digital transformation activities have been compressed into the last two months as organizations of all sizes attempt to rebound from unprecedented economic disruption.

At the core of this transformation is data. Data enables organizations to tailor the digital experience to engage and meet the needs of their customers, partners and employees. It is critical to ensure that data is always protected, secure and available wherever it lives.

A year ago we announced the general availability of PowerProtect Data Manager as a transformative, next generation data management platform to help you ensure the protection of your critical data assets for any workload across any cloud environment, while simplifying data protection, reducing costs and helping you focus on what’s important – serving your customers.

For many organizations, serving customers means anticipating their needs by bringing innovative services to market more quickly. To accomplish this, forward thinking organizations are turning to cloud-native solutions, such as containers, to iterate, innovate and rapidly deploy new application services to enhance the customer experience, drive loyalty and generate new income streams.

With the introduction of protection of Kubernetes containers on VMware via PowerProtect Data Manager, you now have the flexibility to deploy workloads on virtual machines or containers using the VMware management tooling you are already familiar with. The outcome is simplified protection and recovery of critical data assets across hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure.

In addition to VMware, you can now leverage PowerProtect Data Manager to protect Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV) as well as several additional open source hypervisor platforms. You also have access to powerful search capabilities to perform granular, rapid data recovery. And to mitigate the risks of cyber threats, the PowerProtect Cyber Recovery platform has been integrated with PowerProtect Data Manager to provide you with a highly secure, isolated air-gapped copy of your critical data to ensure you can rapidly recover from a cyber attack.

As businesses consume IT resources differently, they need a powerful, efficient and modern solution to protect their data assets, particularly across hybrid cloud environments. To ensure your data is protected and remains available, the introduction of cloud DR support to PowerProtect Data Manager complements its backup-to-cloud and long-term retention cloud capabilities. And for organizations with workloads deployed in AWS, you now can deploy PowerProtect Data Manager in the AWS Marketplace, providing in-cloud protection.

We continue to focus on providing a broader and richer hybrid and multi-cloud experience as well as ensuring simplified consumption of cloud data protection. The availability of PowerProtect Data Manager via subscription is an example of consuming technology within Dell Technologies On Demand, which offers a range of flexible consumption and as-a-service solutions across the full portfolio.

Organizations continue to look for ways to automate tasks to simplify IT. With that in mind, you have access to a robust set of REST APIs to fully leverage the PowerProtect Data Manager platform.

These are just a few of the examples of how we have taken your input and delivered quarterly enhancements and new capabilities to PowerProtect Data Manager since its inception last summer. Your participation in supporting the evolution of this offering continues to inspire us, which has resulted in an ambitious roadmap to deliver even more enhancements and features to meet your ever-evolving data protection requirements.

For example, we plan to continue investing in solutions to make data protection more efficient as data growth continues to soar across edge, core and multi-cloud environments.

And we will continue to add support for a broader range of traditional and modern workloads to enable you to centralize and consolidate data protection management for further operational simplicity and efficiency.

We also plan to deliver further automation into PowerProtect Data Manager by leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to perform routine data protection and recovery tasks, to enable IT professionals to spend more time on innovation and less time on IT housekeeping.

While we are thrilled with what we have enabled organizations to accomplish in these rapidly changing times via PowerProtect Data Manager, we are even more excited about what the future holds for helping our customers and partners transform, modernize and compete more effectively in the data era.

Learn more about PowerProtect Data Manager here.

About the Author: Kunal Ruvala

Kunal is an experienced engineering and product management leader at Dell Technologies. Currently he is the Senior Vice President of Software Engineering within the Data Protection division. Over the last 19 years, he has lead high performing, large, global engineering organizations in primary storage, data protection, enterprise management software, and security solutions.