New Updates for EMC’s E-Lab Interoperability Navigator!

What if you could access everything you ever needed to know about interoperability, all in one place? Well, the time has come! I recently sat down with Ronald Fenn, Sr. Program Manager and Lead Architect for the EMC E-Lab Interoperability Navigator (ELN), to discuss the latest release scheduled to roll out Friday, January 16th. This totally free online knowledgebase gives customers and partners access to over 20 Million globally-tested configurations on more than 8,000 multi-vendor products. Simply search the solution portal for interoperability best practices, and discover proven interoperability recommendations, and leading development and testing results of advanced data storage and network products.

“We constantly strive to improve ELN’s functionality and add more relevant information to better serve our customers,” says Ron, “so I’m especially excited to share all the new additions since our last major release in April 2014. I think it will help everyone better understand why our customers trust E-Lab to transform their data centers.”

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Q: For those who aren’t already familiar with it, what is EMC E-Lab?

A: “E-Lab is the industry’s premier interoperability and new technology testing lab. Through rigorous, end-to-end interoperability testing (that spans major platforms and operating systems), we push the limits of EMC and third-party product storage network functionality, performance, and scalability. From this testing, we create a deep body of knowledge that we then share through the EMC E-Lab Interoperability Navigator or “ELN”. The ELN helps our customers minimize risks, save time, and simplify operations. You can find out more by reading our ELN Data Sheet and the ELN User Guide.”

Q: Tell us about the E-Lab Interoperability Navigator. What is it and how does it work?

A: “The ELN is a robust, web-based interoperability and solution search portal and home to the EMC Support Matrix. The ELN answers over 2 Million queries a year. You don’t have to search multiple places to find solutions since the ELN works to provide them in one easy-to-navigate location. And it’s completely free to access!”

Q: How can I access the ELN?

A: “Once you register with EMC at, you will automatically have full access to the ELN. It’s quick, easy and also free to register.”

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Q: That’s great news! Sounds quick and simple. What kind of information can our customers find in the ELN and how will it benefit their business?

A: “The ELN hosts E-Lab’s complete knowledgebase, including:

• Simple support matrices

• Purpose-built solutions, including cloud, flash storage, etc.

• Advanced and guided-based queries

• EMC-supported multi-vendor configurations and building blocks

• Documentation, including specialized configurations, extended support , TechBooks, and much, much more…"

Q: Looks like an easy-to-use site. For those already using the ELN, what are some new features they can look forward to with the upcoming release?

A: “I’m happy to share that many areas of the ELN site have been enhanced since the April 2014 launch. Our team, led by Gary Teleshevsky (Sr. Manager of E-Lab Solutions Validation, Hybrid Cloud, & High Availability), has worked hard to continue to improve the content and usability of the Support Matrix to make this incredible knowledgebase even more user-friendly and valuable for our customers. Some of our recent upgrades include:

• Simple Support Matrices

− XtremIO


− Enterprise Hybrid Cloud ESSM using software-defined storage

− Syncplicity Panorama

− ViPR Software Defined Storage

• Solutions

− White Papers

− Migration TechNotes

− Industry Verticals tab

• Custom Queries (now improved with enhanced functionality)

• Tips & Hints

− Quick Reference slides for ESM and Custom Queries

Now that you know how much valuable information exists on the EMC E-Lab Interoperability Navigator, we hope you’ll visit and trust E-Lab to help transform your data center to a scalable, automated, and full-featured cloud data center!"

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