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    Agility, faster decision-making and smarter innovation. When you partner with Dell Technologies, we provide you with the transformational devices, processes and services you need to modernise your data centre, drive progress and set the pace in the digital business era.

    Technology-driven advances are at the centre of how we all shop, invest and communicate.

    To keep up, organisations in every industry will need to embrace the digital economy, create new operating processes and transform their IT infrastructure. They must move beyond the traditional back-office model to systems that can connect, learn and decide.

    Our solutions for the Internet of Things, cloud-native applications and big data empower you to reinvent your business, maintain your competitive advantage and enrich the lives of your customers and employees.

    Internet of Things

    Sensor-enabled equipment and smart devices are connecting the physical and digital worlds, giving companies new opportunities to optimise operations and deliver improved customer experiences. With a full portfolio of solutions from edge gateways to enterprise data lakes and a rich partner ecosystem, Dell Technologies reduces the complexity, lowers the risk and speeds deployment of your Internet of Things initiative.

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    Cloud-native applications

    With cloud-native applications, you can transform your IT into a modern, digital enterprise faster than ever before. Pivotal’s modern cloud platform transforms how developers and operators build and deploy software, and how they scale and run applications. Through an open, software-driven platform, you’re now free to innovate at startup speeds.

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    Big data and analytics

    Data is currency and it’s becoming more valuable by the second. To keep up with customer expectations and the pace of digital business, it needs to be processed in real time. Dell Technologies has the systems, smart devices and powerful software that can help you utilise your data to uncover new insights and unleash new potential revenue streams.

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    IT has moved from back-office functionality to C-suite importance. The need to develop new applications, optimise IT infrastructure and lower costs is now a major focus.

    The best way to achieve this: optimise to innovate. Make processes more efficient to improve the performance of even your older applications. You can then start viewing your IT as a service focused on adding tangible value to your business and not just making sure things are functioning.

    No company is better positioned to power your IT transformation than Dell Technologies. We have an end-to-end portfolio of products and capabilities uniquely targeted to help modernise, automate and transform your IT operations and infrastructure. To power your transformation, Dell Technologies delivers best-in-class enterprise hybrid cloud as the foundation for your cloud-native applications.

    Hybrid Cloud

    Modernising to a hybrid cloud IT model can yield huge savings that frees up budget to help you accelerate digital transformation. Our unique suite of solutions helps you to modernise your data centre, automate your IT processes and transform your IT operating model in the best way for you—so you can get from cloud to business results faster.

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    Converged infrastructure

    A modern data centre has to break down silos of complexity and streamline operations in order to keep pace with an on-demand business culture. Converged solutions simplify IT management and are engineered to save time, lower risk and provide the flexibility you need to support future growth and innovation. The Dell Technologies converged platforms are integrated solutions capable of delivering across all workloads – flash, cloud-enabled, scale-out and software-defined – for maximum performance.

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    Speed and agility are two must-have traits needed to conduct business in an on-demand economy. Flash storage has been the solution to provide both. But flash storage media alone is insufficient to deliver true value to customers. Rich software features and flash-designed architectures are needed to match the right solution with a customer’s needs. Our All-Flash storage portfolio offers unparalleled data services to increase the value to your business.

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    IT transformation requires a focus not only on technology, but on processes and people. We’ll help you transform both to modernise how products and services are created, delivered and consumed.

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    In the digital economy, people carry supercomputers in their pockets. They have fingertip access to information on virtually anything they wish, and they interact with each other through multiple social channels. This always-on connectivity presents unprecedented opportunity for businesses to tap into the digital savviness of the workforce and find ways to serve customers that once seemed impossible. The ability to capitalise on this opportunity separates the most forward-looking organisations from their competition.

    Dell Technologies delivers digital workplace solutions that enable organisations to promote a modern workforce that turns ideas into reality, creates new and better ways of working, and stays actively engaged in the success of the business. Dell Technologies is powering workforce transformation with seamless, user-centric experiences, fostering a culture of innovation through data insights pushed to the edge through intuitive apps. These include everything from modernising your end-user technology with beautiful, innovative devices designed specifically for the way people work to creating new ways of working with digital workspaces that deliver easy, secure access on any device.

    Innovative devices

    Put business success, literally, in your employees’ hands with innovative technology designed specifically for the way they work. Dell designs innovative devices and accessories that keep every member of your workforce productive, connected and secure, anytime, anywhere – no matter the task.

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    Digital workplace solutions

    The most forward-looking organisations create innovative ways for employees to be successful. Dell Technologies provides digital workspace solutions that deliver seamless user experiences without sacrificing IT management and security. Our solutions integrate identity, application and enterprise mobility so you can deliver anytime, anywhere access to all apps and services across all devices.

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    Data security solutions

    Information and ideas fuel growth and build value. To make faster decisions from anywhere, you need to shift to a data-centric approach to keep crucial information flowing. Secure sensitive data across your enterprise with solutions that safeguard an entire ecosystem of data and devices and offer end users the flexibility of how and where they want to work.

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    The threat landscape and IT environments are constantly evolving. To collaborate, communicate and innovate securely, cybersecurity needs to transform. This is why Dell Technologies is always advancing security solutions to help prevent breaches and business loss.

    Dell Technologies brings together the experience of RSA, the premier provider of business-driven security solutions, with the unmatched expertise of SecureWorks, the industry leader in predictive threat detection. By providing best-in-class technology and expertise, we’ve enabled organisations to implement effective and efficient security strategies to stay safe and manage risk in the face of advanced cyber threats and future digital challenges.

    Security operations

    Advanced threats are the new norm. To mitigate these threats, organisations need to respond in minutes not months. Dell Technologies delivers insight to action for the fastest possible threat detection and response. We provide capabilities to detect, investigate and respond to breaches and hacks across networks, endpoints and identities with comprehensive visibility, analytics and actionable insights.

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    Governance, risk and compliance

    New technology paradigms mandate that organisations factor cyber risk into their overall risk appetite and define the level of risk that they are willing to accept in the context of their business strategy. Dell Technologies helps you manage multiple dimensions of risk. We help you assess your current state against security frameworks and best practices to design a security roadmap tailored to your business, risk tolerance and strategic security goals.

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    Identity and access management

    Current approaches to identity struggle in the face of cloud, mobile and today’s attack campaigns. Dell Technologies enables access, lifecycle and & governance to work in harmony to disrupt attacks on the most consequential threat vector, assuring identities and providing convenient access for any user, from anywhere to anything.

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    Perimeter and endpoint security

    Securing data while keeping it free to roam, and protecting networks while maintaining performance, are both critical for keeping information flowing and safeguarded. Dell Technologies secures your network while sustaining performance and simplifying management. With our encryption, endpoint threat prevention, user authentication and compliance reporting enabled, you can set your data free with confidence.

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    Fraud prevention

    Cybercrime has become the foundation of the lucrative underground economy. Dell Technologies helps organisations protect their customers against advanced cybercrime threats, from the web to the mobile device. Our solutions help organisations to prevent phishing, malware, rogue mobile apps and other threats and to gain deep intelligence on prolific cybercrime rings and their tactics.

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