Don’t Fear IoT – Dell Technologies is ready to help

The Internet of Things is coming of age. While the idea is originally rooted in sensors providing feedback from manufacturing equipment, today IoT is growing fast to help bring all parts of companies together, not to mention explore new business avenues.

Yet with the adoption of IoT comes a particular set of challenges. IoT systems work when they are able to deliver data from their subjects, and that data is only useful if you can gain insight from it. Yet the numbers of these devices are growing fast, so how can you hope to stay ahead, generate value from your data and implement IoT as a key supporter of your business strategy?

Managing IoT devices can be tricky, so Dell Technologies has launched the new VMWare Pulse IoT Center. This is a secure IoT infrastructure management solution that gives you complete control over your IoT devices, no matter where they reside in your ecosystem. VMWare Pulse IoT Center covers all the bases: management, operations, scale and security measures. It is a single-view approach to keeping your IoT strategy on the rails.

Dell Technologies has also introduced an IoT Technology Advisory Service, helping our customers take ownership of IoT and how it can be applied to their organisational strategies. Many companies don’t want to admit they can’t make real sense of IoT capabilities and architecture, or how to leverage the data from IoT systems. Our new advisory capacity is there to help and remove the unknowns of the IoT landscape.

In addition to helping our customers, we are deeply committed to building open platforms that help you drive and manage your strategy among edge devices. IoT services at the periphery of your networks can do far more than just supply data. They can serve many refining functions, such as deciding what data is worth sending to your central systems. This saves on costs, time and capacity.

To bolster that movement, Dell Technologies is a proud supporter of the Linux Foundation’s recently launched EdgeX Foundry project. It aims to build a common framework and surrounding reference platform for edge computing, which we actively contribute to in terms of resources and innovations.

Finally, Dell Technologies has built an extensive partner network with over seventy IoT technology and service providers. One example is the Industry 4.0 Jump Start Kit developed with Bosch. This helps customers quickly implement IoT projects quickly to realize faster ROI. Our IoT partnerships cover everything from hardware systems and software frameworks to integration and management opportunities.

The future is connected, of that there is no doubt. But accessing this new era is not simple. In fact, it is daunting. Dell Technologies is there to help, creating the means for our customers to grasp, take control and ultimately drive their IoT strategies for a better tomorrow.

About the Author: Dell Technologies