Dell EMC Educating the future Data Scientist in Kenya


Real-life expertise met with the academic side of computing during our recent train-the-trainer workshop on Data Science and Big Data Analytics, presented to assigned professors from local universities.
We chose mid-December to invite 17 professors from Africa Nazarene University, United States International University, Kenyatta University, Riara University, Strathmore University, MOI, KCA, Multimedia, and Jomo Kenyatta University to join us for five days of intensive input.

The man behind the lectern was Hisham Arafat. He is a Digital Transformation expert, Technology Strategist, Solution Architect & Researcher who works globally on innovative technologies, applications and business solutions for key enterprise customers. Furthermore, he mentors startups and supports innovation activities.
The workshop started with setting the context for developing an understanding of 3rd Platform – the revolutionary software-driven, digital business transformation enabler. We presented both the core technological pillars, and the related practical global success stories.

A strong focus was put on Data Science and Big Data Analytics and in the process covered both the architecture and the practices associated with delivering data-driven models as a catalyst for digital business. However, as we took a very practical stance by providing insight into Big Data from the point of view of applications, we covered the entire Data Analytics life-cycle, as well as Statistical Modeling, Data Mining, Machine Learning algorithms and a variety of methods & techniques.
To complete the end-to-end solution design, the lectures introduced Massively Processing Platforms for both structured and unstructured big data. We assisted our attendees to operationalise solutions into working products, and spent time on discussing consulting skills and solution delivery.

Hands-on exercises were completed to empower the attendees to implement concepts. These kinds of real-life experiences make a big difference to help students convert their academic experience into the realm of the practical.
We plan to expand the talent pool in 2017 by offering this particular course, “Data Science and Big Data Analytics, “to students under the banner of the Dell EMC Academic Alliance Program. It will form part of their syllabus and help them to access open technology, get certified and bridge the gap between academia and daily practices in the industry.
Bearing in mind that demand for Big Data expertise continues to see significant growth – a 123.60% increase in demand for Information Technology Project Managers – and an 89.8% increase for Computer Systems Analysts alone in the past year.

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