Ossama El Samadoni,
Sales Director,
Middle East Turkey and Africa,
Primary Storage Dell EMC

The digital world is rapidly changing. New technologies are coming about that seek to accommodate rising demand and the higher level of sophistication required by today and tomorrow’s computing needs. With all this technology and all those breakthroughs, companies can have access to computing solutions that are much more effective at delivering optimum results. With investments in R&D reaching $4.6 billion, Dell EMC has always been at the forefront of this rising digital trend and is always one step ahead in delivering best-in-class solutions to its customers.

Customer Needs, Are Evolution Based!

According to our investigation into the market, organizations have a higher affinity towards solutions that are faster and more powerful but they are always weary of the tradeoff expected in cost. Utilizing the latest in hardware developments can be a costly endeavor, up to 20, or 30 times more costly than then preceding tier of solutions. This is why most small to medium sized enterprises today are seeking to find smarter solutions that are better tailored to their needs and their capacity, while also being financially viable.

Furthermore, customers are always on the lookout for solutions that provide them scalability with the newest technologies, and solutions with provisions that take into account future upgrade possibilities. Customers want to make investments that last and are not prone to becoming antiquated, possibly bottle-necking their operations and capping their Data Storage capacity. This is where Dell EMC’s Unity solutions excel.

The Key Is Not Hardware, It’s The Management Software

Unity is Dell EMC’s midrange enterprise solution utilizing All-Flash storage arrays. Differentiated by Dell EMC’s blend of Data management solutions, Unity Arrays are pre-packaged with self-optimizing efficiency that enables Intelligent Deduplication and Compression, RAID tiering and pervasive thin methods that make cost savings automatic. Those features, coupled with the up-scalability of the All-Flash storage arrays, make it a very lucrative option for a wide range of organizations today and in the future.

Serviceability, The Cornerstone Of Added Value

The biggest advantage of Unity’s solutions over that of competitors is its continued software and serviceability enhancements. This involves 3 aspects; Deduplication technology, Synchronous Replication of File, and Data-in-Place Controller Upgrades. Those data management services, currently available to new customers and existing customers with a service contract at no cost, ensures the efficiency of Data Capacity utilization in all Unity Arrays.

On top of the above, the icing on the Data Storage cake, Dell EMC’s answer to our customers’ peace of mind requirements when it comes to Data capacity management and upgrades, is Dell EMC’s Future-Proof Storage Loyalty Program. The program was built with the customer’s future operational capacity in mind, providing them with over and beyond guarantees, all the necessary tools to upscale data capacity, the opportunity to trade-in existing investments against future technology, and Data migration simplification with built-in data migration tools.

The Future, Our Compass

Here at Dell EMC, we pride ourselves on the foresight to predict our customer needs before they realize it themselves, and through our solutions, they find long-lasting value that ensures continued beneficial relationships.

You can read more about Dell’s Future-Proof Storage Loyalty Program here.

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