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    Why Use CloudIQ

    CloudIQ is a free, cloud-based application that lets you easily monitor, analyze, and troubleshoot your storage environment from anywhere – it’s like a fitness tracker for your storage.  With no software to install and support for Dell EMC Unity, SC Series, XtremIO, VMAX, and PowerMax, you can start getting your storage environment in better shape today.

    CloudIQ Highlights

    CloudIQ makes daily storage management tasks easy with limited staff and budgets – saving significant time and costs.



      • Improve Your storage health with instant insight into your storage without the hassle of installed software.
      • Centrally view all of your storage systems on a single screen – from a web browser or mobile device.


      • Predict the Future with intelligent capacity and performance projections powered by CloudIQ Machine Learning
      • Our smart, predictive analytics and machine-learning algorithms alert you when storage resources are low - so you don’t run out of capacity or performance.


      • Go back in time to view historical trends and detect patterns across multiple systems
      • Maintain up to 2 years of historical data and visualize long-term trends in storage health.

    Learn about CloudIQ

    CloudIQ makes it easier to maintain better storage health – so you can reduce risk, spot trouble and avoid problems in your storage environment related to capacity and performance utilization, data protection and more.

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