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      Realize industry-leading speed and scale for backup, archive, and disaster recovery with Dell EMC PowerProtect DD9900. The DD9900 is the appliance with the highest throughput and capacity within the PowerProtect DD Series Appliances family.

      Protect more data even faster to meet the toughest SLAs and reduce risk. With throughput of up to 94 TB/hour with DD Boost, the DD9900 can back up 752TB in roughly eight hours. Thanks partly to the use of flash SSD for metadata, the system provides faster performance than the previous generation.

      High-speed, variable-length deduplication reduces your backup footprint.High-speed, variable-length deduplication reduces your backup footprint. With PowerProtect DD9900 you can retire tape, reduce risk, save on infrastructure costs, and retain data in the cloud more economically.



    Max Throughput
    Max Throughput (DD Boost)
    Logical Capacity
    Logical Capacity with Cloud Tier
    Usable Capacity
    Usable Capacity with Cloud Tier
    Up to 41TB/hr
    Up to 94TB/hr
    Up to 81.3PB
    Up to 211PB
    576TB - 1.25PB
    Up to 3.25PB
    DDVE* at 96TB
    Up to 4TB/hr
    Up to 11.2TB/hr
    Up to 4.8PB
    Up to 14.8PB
    Up to 96TB
    Up to 288TB
    Up to 4.2TB/hr
    Up to 7.0TB/hr
    Up to 1.6PB
    Up to 4.8PB
    4TB - 32TB
    Up to 96TB
    Up to 15TB/hr
    Up to 33TB/hr
    Up to 18.7PB
    Up to 56.1PB
    48TB - 288TB
    Up to 864TB
    Up to 26TB/hr
    Up to 57TB/hr
    Up to 49.9PB
    Up to 149.8PB
    192TB - 768TB
    Up to 2.3PB
      • Logical capacity based on up to 50x deduplication (DD3300) and up to 65x deduplication (DD6900, DD9400, DD9900) based on additional hardware-assisted data compression of up to 30%. Actual capacity and throughput depends on application workload, deduplication, and other settings.

        *Throughput drawn running DDVE at 96TB instance. Host server: 2xIntel Xeon CPU (6 Cores each) @2GHz, 128GB memory, 2x10GbE NIC: Storage: DAS with 3TB 7200RPM SAS Drives, RAID6, Battery Powered HBA Cache Enabled, Disk Cache Disabled