• Dell EMC PowerProtect Backup Service

    • SaaS platform for protecting data across edge, core and cloud

      Dell offers scalable, secure data protection for SaaS applications, endpoints and hybrid workloads. Enforce data governance while reducing cost and complexity.

    • Experience unified workload protection with PowerProtect Backup Service.

    • Data protection for SaaS apps, endpoints and hybrid workloads

      Mitigate the risk of data loss, ensure regulatory compliance and improve data visibility with PowerProtect Backup Service

      • Protect SaaS apps and endpoint devices, streamline eDiscovery and automate compliance
      • Automate the protection and long-term retention of virtualized environments, databases, file servers and NAS
      • Reduce cost and complexity with infinite scalability and no infrastructure to manage

      PowerProtect Backup Service for SaaS Apps

      Unified data protection and governance for SaaS apps

      • Microsoft 365
      • Salesforce
      • Google Workspace

      PowerProtect Backup Service for Endpoints

      Secure protection of endpoint devices

      • Desktop/laptops
      • Mobile devices

      PowerProtect Backup Service for Hybrid Workloads

      Automated disaster recovery and long-term retention

      • Virtualization – VMware & Hyper-V
      • Databases – Oracle & SQL
      • File servers – Windows & Linux
      • NAS

    • SaaS data protection for the cloud era

      • Dell EMC PowerProtect Backup Service is a cloud data protection solution designed to deliver SaaS based protection without increasing IT complexity while ensuring predictable, controllable costs.

        PowerProtect Backup Service deploys in minutes and provides unlimited on-demand scaling to ensure growing data volumes are always protected. An intuitive web-based experience provides centralized visibility and management of SaaS apps, endpoints and hybrid workloads, giving peace of mind that data is always protected.


        Complete visibility: Consistent user experience across SaaS apps, endpoints and hybrid workloads


        Infinitely scalable: Add capacity on demand without the need to provision new devices


        Secure SaaS platform: Delivers all-in-one secure protection with backup, disaster recovery and long-term retention

    • PowerProtect Backup Service Resources


      PowerProtect Backup Service Data Sheet

      Get an overview of the PowerProtect Backup Service cloud based data protection solution.


      PowerProtect Backup Service Announcement Video

      Dell Technologies announces PowerProtect Backup Service.


      PowerProtect Backup Service Infographic

      SaaS based data protection for your multi-cloud workloads.

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      ProSupport for Enterprise

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      ProDeploy for Enterprise

      Integrate new technology into existing environments with confidence through extensive planning and validation by expert certified engineers.


      Dell Financial Services

      Acquire technology on your terms with a variety of flexible payment solutions from Dell Financial Services.**

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Dell EMC PowerProtect Backup Service


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