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      DD series enables your organization to protect, manage and recover data at scale. As the next generation of Dell EMC Data Domain appliances, DD series sets the bar for efficient data management from edge to core to cloud and includes the ecosystem support and comprehensive data protection that customers have come to appreciate from Data Domain.

      DD series is the preferred target appliance for Dell EMC PowerProtect Data Manager and will also support Data Protection Suite enhancements along with many other third-party backup applications and software. Deploy PowerProtect DD Virtual Edition on-prem or in cloud allowing for further flexibility. 

      Together with PowerProtect Data Manager or Data Protection Suite, DD series is the ultimate protection storage appliance.

      DD series appliances are now integrated with Dell EMC CloudIQ. CloudIQ provides proactive insights and performance analytics across supported storage, data protection, and hyper-converged products through one UI. 

      DD series participates in the Dell Technologies on Demand program offering flexible payment options including pay as you go, pay as you use, and provided as-a-Service options.



    Max Throughput
    Max Throughput (DD Boost)
    Logical Capacity
    Logical Capacity with Cloud Tier
    Usable Capacity
    Usable Capacity with Cloud Tier
    DDVE* at 96TB
    Up to 4TB/hr
    Up to 11.2TB/hr
    Up to 4.8PB
    Up to 14.8PB
    Up to 96TB
    Up to 288TB
    Up to 4.2TB/hr
    Up to 7.0TB/hr
    Up to 1.6PB
    Up to 4.8PB
    4TB - 32TB
    Up to 96TB
    Up to 15TB/hr
    Up to 33TB/hr
    Up to 18.7PB
    Up to 56.1PB
    24TB - 288TB
    Up to 864TB
    Up to 26TB/hr
    Up to 57TB/hr
    Up to 49.9PB
    Up to 149.8PB
    192TB - 768TB
    Up to 2.3PB
    Up to 41TB/hr
    Up to 94TB/hr
    Up to 97.5PB
    Up to 228PB
    576TB – 1.5PB
    Up to 3.5PB
      • Logical capacity based on up to 50x deduplication (DD3300) and up to 65x deduplication (DD6900, DD9400, DD9900) based on additional hardware-assisted data compression of up to 30%. Actual capacity and throughput depends on application workload, deduplication, and other settings.

        *Throughput drawn running DDVE at 96TB instance. Host server: 2xIntel Xeon CPU (6 Cores each) @2GHz, 128GB memory, 2x10GbE NIC: Storage: DAS with 3TB 7200RPM SAS Drives, RAID6, Battery Powered HBA Cache Enabled, Disk Cache Disabled

PowerProtect DD Series Appliances

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