• Dell EMC XC Family of Hyperconverged Systems

    Intel® Xeon® 可擴充處理器
    • Reduce complexity and lower OPEX out of the box.

      XC Family solutions consist of XC Series appliances, XC Core nodes, integrated Nutanix software, and Dell EMC PowerEdge servers with Intel Xeon processors to offer one of the industry’s most versatile and scalable HCI platforms. With factory-installed Nutanix software and a choice of hypervisors, XC Family systems can be deployed quickly for all virtualized workloads to reduce management complexity and total cost of ownership.

      Dell EMC has over 12 years of experience integrating hardware and software for appliances built with PowerEdge servers, including 3 generations of XC Family appliances and systems. That experience enables us to develop technologies that simplify and streamline common workflows performed throughout the product’s lifecycle, including:

      • Factory installation of the software stack and hypervisor
      • Software modules that deliver fast and seamless deployment
      • Tools developed specifically for HCI to simplify workflow orchestration across a cluster
      • 1-click software, firmware and hypervisor updates without downtime or disruption of cluster operations

      The bottom line for customers: rapid deployment, less time for routine management tasks, faster system restoration, and built-in, enterprise class hardware security. Why settle for anything less?

    • The XC Family delivers precise workload matching, simplified operations, and rapid time-to-value for your organization.

    • Scale with ease and empower your team with XC Family solutions

      • XC Family solutions eliminate the need for over-provisioning and capital expenditures based on anticipated capacity and performance requirements. System performance and/or capacity can be easily expanded one node at a time with zero downtime, offering customers linear and predictable scale-out expansion and pay-as-you-grow flexibility. A fault-tolerant architecture and self-healing capabilities provide system reliability and help ensure data integrity.

        An intuitive HTML5-based interface simplifies management operations with deployment and provisioning services, VM and storage management, search, content-sensitive help, comprehensive analytics,1-click hypervisor, software, and firmware updates. Enterprise-class data protection and management features are designed to enhance administrator productivity and include tiering, snapshot-based replication, thin provisioning, shadow clones, deduplication, and compression.

        The XC Family consists of XC Series appliances and XC Core nodes, an offering that provides customers with additional flexibility to acquire Nutanix software licensing while leveraging the benefits of the Dell EMC XC platform. XC Core uses the same Dell EMC PowerEdge hardware and software as the XC Series appliances while the HCI software is licensed and supported directly by Nutanix. This enables license portability across infrastructure components and separate upgrade and support of hardware and software throughout their lifecycles.

      • 裝飾

        Deploy quickly with ease. A cluster of XC Series Family appliances can be deployed in less than 50 minutes and is easy to manage without specialized resources.

      • 裝飾

        Conquer storage complexity. IT administrators no longer deal with LUNs, volumes or RAID groups and can manage their virtual environments at a VM level using policies based on workload needs.

      • 裝飾

        Additional flexibility and innovation. The XC Family offers hardware and software support options and licensing portability across infrastructure components, enabling customers to choose the best solution for their needs.

      • Hyperconverged architectures are the platform of choice when building out public and private cloud infrastructure.


      The University of Reading: XC Family hyperconverged infrastructure for power and scalability

      The University of Reading uses XC Family hyperconverged infrastructure to support its academic computing environment.

    • 1 Source: "Dell EMC XC Series Creating Value as a Scalable, Efficient Hyperconverged Platform ", Hyperconverged infrastructure is proving to be an excellent fit for today’s datacenter challenges and is increasingly looked to as a platform for the on-premise internal component of the hybrid cloud ecosystem.

XC Series


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