• A fully integrated, pre-configured and pre-tested VMware hyperconverged system delivering virtualization, compute and storage all in one appliance.


      Experience VxRail in a virtual setting

      See for yourself the capabilities of VxRail in our virtual lab setting. Explore at your own pace how simple it is to verify VxRail setup and configuration, monitor appliance health and leverage system upgrades. And discover how our exclusive modules will streamline your VxRail cluster management.

    • 專為 VMware 設計,適合搭配 VMware 使用並強化 VMware

      無論您要加速資料中心現代化、部署混合雲或要建立開發人員就緒的 Kubernetes 平台,VxRail 都能提供統包式體驗,促使我們的客戶不斷創新。VxRail 是市場上唯一採用 VMware vSAN 技術的完全整合、經過預先配置和測試的 VMware 超融合系統,可以轉換 HCI 網路並簡化 VMware 雲端採用流程,同時滿足任何 HCI 應用情境的需求,包括支援許多最嚴苛的工作負載和應用程式。

    • Built for VMware, with VMware, to enhance VMware


      VxRail 由 Dell EMC PowerEdge 伺服器平臺和 VxRail HCI 系統軟體提供支援,採用新一代技術來打造未來無憂的基礎架構,支援跨 VMware 生態系統的深度整合。先進 VMware 混合雲整合和自動化功能可簡化安全 VxRail 雲基礎架構的部署。



      與VMware vSphere同步發布Lockstep 30天

      聯合設計的 HCI 系統,與 VMware Cloud Foundation 深度整合,做為 Dell Technologies 雲的超融合平臺




      新的VXRAIL D系列


      新VxRail D系列堅固耐用的平臺使您能夠將VxRail的優勢從核心擴展到最苛刻的邊緣環境,同時保持一致的操作和用戶體驗。




      VxRail goes further to deliver highly differentiated features and benefits with VxRail HCI System Software. This unique combination of integrated software elements extend VMware native capabilities to automate deployments and provides full stack single-click lifecycle management. The VxRail Advantage stems from our investment in extensive, automated and repeatable testing and optimization of every possible combination of updates ensuring clusters are in continuously validated states, resulting in an optimized operational experience at reduced risk for our customers. 

      • 25K test hours per release
      • $60M lab investments
      • 100+ staff dedicated to testing



      VxRail Manager

      View the Infographic

      • Natively integrated with vCenter, VxRail Manager is the central management engine for all VxRail operations
      • Ecosystem connectors tightly integrate with infrastructure components enabling automation and orchestration services across the entire stack
      • Pre-validation of all possible hardware and software component upgrade paths

      Lifecycle Management (LCM)

      View the ESG Technical Review

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      • Automated, intelligent lifecycle management (LCM) automates full stack upgrades

      Global Multi-Cluster Management

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      • Global multi-cluster management automates operations and upgrades at scale.

      RESTful API

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      • RESTful APIs deliver greater cloud and IT automation extensibility

      Single Point of Support

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      • Single point of support for both hardware and software throughout the infrastructure lifecycle

  • 透過 VxRail 實現資料中心現代化,加快向混合雲遷移,並支援雲原生應用程式

    • Modernize the data center, accelerate the path to hybrid cloud, and enable cloud native applications with VxRail

      • Accelerate innovation and data center modernization across the core, edge and cloud

      • IT workers in data center with vxrail product

        Modernize the data center with VxRail

        • Evolve predictably with VxRail, the single HCI platform for multiple applications and business critical workloads
        • Free up IT resources with automated full stack end-to-end lifecycle management
        • Automate 99% of network configuration steps across multiple racks and clusters with SmartFabric Services for VxRail

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    • Dell Technologies on Demand

      更多選擇、更加靈活、更大保障,助您無憂使用 IT 基礎架構 Dell Technologies On Demand 提供了一種經過優化、以消費為驅動的服務型業務模式,非常適合內部基礎架構和專業IT人力是以消費才計價的按需經濟方式。

      Dell Technologies On Demand offers a consumption-driven, as-a-service optimized business model ideally suited for the way on-premises infrastructure and expertise is consumed in the on-demand economy​.

    • “When we saw how well Dell EMC VxRail accommodates database growth, we were able to reassign a full-time database administrator.”

      Adam Little, Sr. Systems Administrator, New Belgium Brewing

    • VxRail 超融合基礎架構資源



      VxRail 資料表

      這份資料表概述 Dell EMC VxRail 和 VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail 的特色及效益。


      VxRail 規格表

      Dell EMC VxRail 和 VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail 的規格和產品詳細資訊。


      VxRail 概觀影片

      選擇最重要的主題,瞭解採用 VMware vSAN 的 VxRail 如何為您的事業帶來實質改變。


      VMware Cloud Foundation 資料表

      這份資料表概述 VMware Cloud Foundation 的特色及效益。


      HCI 在 IT 轉型之中扮演的角色

      此報告評估組織的 IT 成熟度,並說明他們採用現代化基礎架構進行 IT 轉型的程度,如何決定關鍵的業務績效。


      使用 HCI 擴展業務

      IDC 研究顯示採用 Dell EMC VMware 技術的 HCI 如何透過 VxRail 提高業務擴展效率。


      VCF on VxRail 資料表

      瞭解 VxRail 設備如何為 VMware 客戶提供熟悉的管理體驗。


      使用 Dell EMC VxRail 來現代化您的金融服務 IT 資源




      VxRail 互動展示

      這項演示說明初次執行安裝流程,重點介紹 了 VxRail 內建的自動化和各項功能。


      VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail 互動式展示

      這個簡單明瞭的展示帶您快速瞭解 VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail 如何簡化雲端資料中心的營運。


      VxRail 技術手冊

      此技術手冊說明了 Dell EMC VxRail 設備的概念和架構。



      TCO 分析以遷移至公有雲的情境作為對照,帶您洞察 VxRail 為固定和長期工作負載所帶來的價值。



      VxRail 提供多層保護,保障您的資料和業務應用程式安全無虞。


      在 VxRail Lightboard 課程學會建置 VMware SDDC

      這支光板 (lightboard) 教學影片介紹了 SDDC 的 VMware SDDC 和 VMware 驗證設計 (VVD),以及如何在 VxRail 上部署它。

    • IDC Business Value Snapshot sponsored by Dell Technologies and Intel: The Business Value of Dell EMC VxRail and VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail, October 2020. Actual results may vary.