• Dell EMC VxBlock System 1000 Converged Infrastructure

    Intel® Xeon® 可擴充處理器
    • Simplify IT with a turnkey engineered system experience.

      VxBlock 1000 integrates powerful Dell EMC storage and data protection into a turnkey converged system supporting all your high-value, mission-critical workloads—from the core data center to the cloud. It helps you quickly modernize and simplify your IT infrastructure at scale so you can focus on innovation and gain more value from your data.

    • See how VxBlock with VMware gives you mission-critical cloud with confidence.  

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      Now Supporting VMware Cloud Foundation

      Learn how VMware Cloud Foundation on VxBlock helps you pivot to hybrid cloud with the support and assurance of mission-critical infrastructure including PowerStore and PowerMax for workload domains.

    • Foundation for your mission-critical cloud

    • VxBlock is the proven leader in converged infrastructure, providing enterprises worldwide the amazing simplicity of a turnkey engineered system experience that allows them to focus on innovating rather than spending time on maintenance. The all-in-one VxBlock 1000 gives you a flexible choice of fully integrated storage, data protection, server, networking options backed by VMware virtualization. It’s a proven and trusted foundation for a VMware-based private or hybrid cloud, simplifying automation of everything from daily infrastructure provisioning tasks to delivery of IaaS and SaaS. 

      VxBlock business outcomes really shine with high-value applications like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft SQL and Epic where “good enough” will not get the job done. With VxBlock, you can rely on the rich data services, high availability and data efficiency absolutely required to keep your mission-critical business up, running and protected at any scale.

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      Perpetual Architecture:  Flexibly incorporate new or updated technologies, maximizing ROI.

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      Automated Operations: Automate key tasks using engineered workflows and advanced analytics from Dell Technologies

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      Lifecycle Management: Reduce upgrade and patching effort with a turnkey system and ongoing certified code upgrades.

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      Discover news, tips and best practices for VxBlock Systems.

      Visit the VxBlock Advantage webinar page to explore related webinars that feature first-hand customer experiences and research from industry analysts.

    • Services & Support

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      Seamless support

      We deliver a unique, seamless support experience for your VxBlock system at every level, including the integration and functioning of all components from Dell EMC, VMware and Cisco.

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      Global coverage

      The Customer Care team delivers support globally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our support staff is expertly trained in all aspects of the converged infrastructure.

VxBlock 1000


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