Solutions for better outcomes

      If you’re looking to modernize your data center, unify your hybrid cloud operations, build modern apps, customize your cloud to scale or migrate workloads to any cloud, Dell Technologies Cloud can help.

    • Modernize your data center

      Modernize your data center

      Realize the same agility and CapEx savings in your data center as you have in the public cloud. Blend CapEx and OpEx to achieve the right cost structure for your business while bringing cloud operating models to all your applications.

      • Lower TCO by buying, renting or consuming as-a-service.
      • Streamline operations through automated lifecycle management.
      • Future proof your operations with a platform that allows you to leverage any cloud – private, public or edge.


      Unify your hybrid cloud operations

      Get the benefits of private cloud, public cloud and edge environments without the chaos. Eliminate cloud complexity and gain control by using consistent infrastructure and operational models across clouds.

      • Avoid vendor lock-in by shifting to alternative clouds as needed.
      • Maintain control of data with ease of data portability across clouds.
      • Be ready to scale with capacity on-demand, turn-key cloud access.


      Accelerate innovation with modern apps

      Capitalize on the next evolution in enterprise applications with Dell Technologies Cloud.

      • Support for both traditional and cloud-native applications on the same infrastructure.
      • Enable your VMware admins to become Kubernetes admins and address the cloud-native skills gap.
      • Public and private cloud designed to work together.


      Extend your cloud with ease

      Leverage your hybrid cloud to achieve your business goals and avoid costly disruptions. Seamlessly extend your environment to deliver resources and resiliency without adding complexity and cost.

      • Tailor your cloud solution to maximize productivity and efficiently run workloads.
      • Minimize disruptions and outages with cloud resources for disaster recovery and backups.
      • Utilize familiar tools and skills you already have.


      Migrate workloads to any cloud

      Migrate workloads to any cloud using familiar tools to avoid disrupting operations. Transition from traditional infrastructure to cloud operating models without costly re-platforming and lengthy transition cycles.

      • Lower cloud migration costs without the need for extensive re-platforming.
      • Reduce application rework with app and workload portability.
      • Accelerate your journey to the cloud by leveraging the tools and skills you already have.


      Run workloads in the right environment

      Gain the flexibility of deploying applications in the right cloud. Let business needs dictate where workloads reside with one operational paradigm across public, private, and edge.

      • Optimize cloud spend and lower costs 
      • Use reliable and secure infrastructure
      • Sustain innovation with flexible cloud solutions