• IQT Day, Making Things Smarter

    Michael Dell describes how Dell Technologies is driving human progress by transforming IoT into IQT.

    Go from IoT to IQT

    Find out how smart IoT can be from Dell Technologies visionaries and our visionary customers.

    • Getting to the show on time with IQT
    • Vision by Michael Dell
    • Our strategy
    • Customer focus: Aerofarms and IoT-powered farming
    • How to engage with Dell Technologies
    • See IQT in Action with our latest innovations

    We deliver IoT that’s seven times as smart.



    • Michael Dell unveils his vision for IQT

      Michael Dell unveils his vision for IQT—the combination of IoT and the practical application of AI—and introduces the new Dell Technologies IoT division.

    • Ray O’Farrell lays out Dell Technologies’ strategy

      Ray O’Farrell, General Manager, IoT Division, Dell Technologies, describes how edge, core and cloud make things smarter. Exec VP & CMO, Dell, Jeremy Burton highlights news.

    • Discover how Aerofarms is making things smarter

      Andy Rhodes, VP, IoT Edge Computing, talks with AeroFarms CEO, David Rosenberg, about how IoT enables farming that uses 95% less water and ups yields by 130 times.

    • Engage with Dell Technologies for IOT

      Joyce Mullen, Senior Vice President & General Manager Global OEM & IoT Solutions, Dell EMC, discusses OEM’s critical role in IoT and shares ways to engage with us.

    • See IQT in action for automotive manufacturing

      Jeremy Burton shares the stage with Ray O’Farrell and other Dell Technologies executives to introduce our latest innovations via a story making quality control smarter.

    • Q&A Archive

      Read the live Q&A accompanying the event from viewers and SMEs, also including observations, photos and Tweets.


    • Gary Mintchel

      Industrial IoT / Manufacturing Expert. Writer, speaker on technology, software, leadership, personal growth and development.

    • Bob Egan

      Chief Research Officer and Founder of the Sepharim Research Group.

    • Tamara McCleary

      CEO and Founder, Thulium, a brand amplification company, specializing in B2B social media account-based marketing.

    • Eric Vanderburg

      IoT and Security Vision. Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Tech Leader, Author, Consultant, and Speaker, VP, Cybersecurity at TCDI.

    • Dan Newman

      Principal Analyst at Futurum Research, CEO of Broadsuite Media Group, President of Digital Agency V3B.

    • William McCabe

      IOT Recruiting.


    The Vision of IoT | A Video Overview

    Fifty billion devices will be connected by 2020; see Intel's vision of IoT in this video overview. From smart homes, cars, and cities, the Internet of Things is creating a more convenient, secure, intelligent, and personalized experience.


    • Intel & Dell: On The Scene At IQT Day

      Rose Schooler, VP & GM of IoT Global Sales from Intel Corp joins Jeremy Burton, Chief Marketing Officer at Dell to discuss Dell and Intel’s investments in bringing the Internet of Things to life.

    • The Evolution of IoT: Connect the Unconnected

      Phase One with Brian McCarson CTO of IoT strategy for Intel.

    • The Evolution of IoT: Smart and Connect Things

      Phase Two with Brian McCarson CTO of IoT strategy for Intel.

    • The Evolution of IoT: Software-Defined Autonomous World

      Phase Three with Brian McCarson CTO of IoT strategy for Intel.