• Software Defined Data Center

    • Software-Defined Data Center Introduction

    • Software-defined data center (SDDC) is a data center in which infrastructure is virtualized and delivered “as-a-service”. SDDC is combination of software-defined networking – management of traffic, software defined compute – management of workloads and software-defined storage – management of data. Traditional enterprise applications can be supported in a more flexible and cost effective manner.


      Data Migration – Data Storage

      Dell Technologies provides data migration services to help you move data and workloads seamlessly with flexibility and simplicity.

    • Who uses Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) and why?

    • Enterprise IT organizations, Infrastructure & Operations leaders use SDDC as it provides a lot of flexibility and agility in the company’s business processes. SDDC enables the users to deploy their apps quickly (improve the availability of apps) and improves the efficiency & utilization of IT resources by increasing the adoption of cloud services.

    • How does the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) work?

    • In SDDC, all the components of infrastructure – compute, networking, storage, security and availability services are abstracted and delivered as an automated, policy-driven software. SDDC eliminates the IT operational siloes and complexities by enabling a programmatic approach through virtualization. SDDC provides customers the optimum performance & availability while reducing risks and costs.


      Data Storage

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      Hybrid Storage

      Dell Technologies provides hybrid storage solutions to minimize the burden on IT teams and reduce the cost and complexity of data management.


      Tiered Storage – Data Storage

      Dell Technologies offers tiered storage solutions to minimize the complexity of managing tiered storage, enabling greater automation and easy scalability.