• Don’t just prepare for the digital future, lead the way.

      Success through disruptive, digital business transformation is becoming the new normal. The fact is, today’s CIOs must have unique hybrid skills, able to shape new business goals for their organizations, implement them to outmaneuver the competition, all while using old IT, new IT and emerging technologies.

      • Today's CIOs have a unique opportunity.  They can become digital navigators who drive the next level of business goals and strategy instead of delivering only technology.

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    • Meet every challenge. Head on.

      • There are many challenges to realizing business transformation. However, Dell Technologies can help your overcome them. Many CIOs are crippled by some fairly standard roadblocks, which fall into familiar categories. Dell Technologies can help you replace barriers with breakthroughs.



      Overcome seemingly impossible time constraints.

      CIOs can deliver hyper-efficient ways to achieve accelerated business goals with new services, software and device solutions.



      Provide your workforce with the necessary digital skills.

      New analytics, artificial intelligence and mixed reality can deliver cutting-edge workforce training and reskilling.



      Free up resources for business-building innovation.

      Valuable resources can be reallocated to innovation using strategies like automation, applied AI, and accelerated development.



      Remove fear of risk and other obstacles to digital change.

      Risk aversion and cultural resistance can be addressed with proven best practices for rolling out transformational technology more easily with confidence.

    • The technologies of the future are already here.

      Now more than ever it takes a partner who understands you, your business and the imperatives for change. That’s why we created Dell Technologies, one partner, purpose-built to help you realize your digital future.



      Put compute power where it makes the most sense for your business goals with software defined infrastructure everywhere.



      Make better sense of data through automation for better decision making based on true human-machine partnerships.



      Get more valuable insights by moving analytics to the edge to add more data collection points for richer analytics.



      Deploy higher bandwidth, lower latency networks that let you connect people, machines and data with unprecedented levels of performance.



      Create transparent, immutably secure information exchange processes and data sharing and storage automation.

    • It’s better to lead change than be changed.

      Empowering your business. Merging new and old tech. Connecting physical and virtual worlds. Creating entirely new capabilities. Today’s CIOs have a greater opportunity to become the digital navigator for their organization than at any time in history.

    • 16X

      more  innovative

      Transformed organizations have more advanced digital initiatives well underway.

    • 6X

      more  involved

      At transformed organizations IT is more involved in business strategy development.

    • 2.5X

      more competitive

      Transformed organizations feel their companies are in a stronger competitive position.

    • 18X

      faster time to market

      Transformed organizations make faster data-driven decisions.

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