• All-Flash Infrastructure for high-performance Machine Learning and Deep Learning at scale

      Dell EMC Isilon All-Flash scale-out NAS delivers the analytics performance and extreme concurrency at scale to consistently feed the most data-hungry analytic algorithms. This simple, flexible solution eliminates I/O bottlenecks to accelerate cycles of learning while meeting regulatory and enterprise policy requirements.

    • Redefine your AI infrastructure with Dell EMC Isilon

      • Faster training and validation of AI models
      • Improved model accuracy
      • Higher GPU utilization and increased data science productivity
      • Flexible deployment options

    • Data Fuels the AI Rocket Ship

      Dell EMC Isilon delivers the data needed for high-performance machine learning and deep learning. With superior capabilities for low latency, high throughput and massively parallel I/O, Dell EMC Isilon is the ideal storage complement to GPU accelerated compute for AI workloads, effectively compressing the time needed for training and testing analytical models for multi-petabyte data sets. As an added benefit, Isilon All-Flash storage can be added to an existing Isilon cluster to accelerate and unlock the value of massive amounts of unstructured data.

    • Dell EMC Isilon fuels AI

      All-Flash Performance
      Eliminate the I/O bottleneck for AI with up to 18x more bandwidth1 ; up to 15 GB/s per chassis, up to 540 GB/s per cluster.

      Bring the analytics to the data with in-place analytics leveraging mullti-protocol support such as SMB, NFS, HTTP and native HDFS to support multiple uses.

      Extreme Scale-Out
      Simple and seamless scaling to 21x more capacity1 than the competition scaling from 10s TBs up to 10s of PBs per cluster with industry leading storage efficiency up to 85%.

      Enterprise Features

      OneFS delivers robust data protection and security options with guaranteed resiliency. Automatic tiering between All-Flash, Hybrid and Archive nodes via SmartPools.

    • Portfolio of Isilon-based AI solutions eliminate the I/O bottleneck at scale

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  • Find out which Isilon is right for you

      1. Compared to closest competitor based on Dell EMC internal analysis, June 2018.
      2. Based on an Enterprise Strategy Group Technical Review commissioned by Dell EMC, “Accelerating the Artificial Intelligence Journey with Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI”, August 2018.