• Callaway X Dell Technologies

    Digital transformation in full swing.

    • Company: Callaway Golf
    • Industry: Sports equipment
    • Headquarters: Carlsbad, CA

    Golf is all about the details. Every shot carries infinite variables and possibilities. Every player and course are unique. To stay ahead of the game, it takes precision, and the ability to maximize every advantage.

    Transforming golf, one data-driven swing at a time.

    With a presence in 110 countries and on Tour around the world, Callaway's reputation as an industry leader is well-earned. The game is changing, and Callaway's driving it. To get the right club, in the right hands, right on time takes digital transformation. Individual swing analysis and advanced club fitting provide Callaway with data that leads to performance breakthroughs for golfers everywhere — data stored and secured by Dell EMC solutions.

    Keeping veterans on course.

    Birdies for the Brave is a PGA TOUR-sponsored national military outreach program that includes the Warrior Club Fitting program. Callaway has provided over 100 custom club fittings for returning veterans so far, using the storage and data processing speed of Dell EMC.

    “With data, we're able to make real changes for players on the golf course.”

    Peter Ligotti, Callaway Golf

    A streamlined process from tee to green.

    Callaway benefits from extraordinary gains made in efficiencies, as IT transforms itself from a point of resistance to a point of reliance. Sales, marketing and operations are accelerated. Today, because of their agile infrastructure, new clubs can be custom-designed online, built and shipped the day after an order is received. With the help of Dell EMC VNX storage, R&D can capture, analyze and act upon hundreds of gigabytes of data from thousands of clubs simultaneously. Managing inventory and shipping is more predictive than ever, with greater visibility into retail demands and improved reporting and analysis. All across Callaway, the team is more free than ever to innovate and elevate the game.

    What's driving data security?

    In these transformational times, cybersecurity is no gimmie. Security threats are pervasive as ever — especially in the ultra-competitive athletics industry. Callaway protects their data and keeps innovation on course with SecureWorks. With 24x7x365 monitoring of sensitive customer, HR and athlete data, Callaway is able to rely on their team to thwart incoming risks and drive their pursuit of creating the latest technology to help everyone win.