• Create without limits

      Dell Precision workstations remove barriers to your creativity. With a range of scalable solutions designed with the performance-enhancing power of Dell Precision Optimizer, our workstations will take your ideas further than ever.


      Dell Precision mobile workstations

      Dell Precision workstations excel under your demanding standards. With the latest Intel® Core™ i7 processors, NVIDIA® professional graphics and Dell Precision Optimizer, they focus power and speed behind your biggest ideas.

    • Precision 3000 series

      Precision 3000 series

      Affordable, fully configurable 15" mobile workstations in a thin and light design.

    • Precision 5000 series

      Precision 5000 series

      Thinnest, lightest, smallest 15" mobile workstations with big performance.

    • Precision 7000 series

      Precision 7000 series

      Incredibly powerful 15" and 17" mobile workstations in a premium design that look as good as they perform.

    • Dell Precision fixed workstations


      Build your greatest vision with Dell Precision workstations. These systems, including the only tier 1 vendor to offer rack workstations, handle the most demanding applications across multiple industries. With fast memory, next gen graphics and extreme performance, your ideas are limitless.

    • Precision 3000 series

      Precision 3000 series

      Affordable tower workstations for professional performance.

    • Precision 5000 series

      Precision 5000 series

      Compact tower and all-in-one workstation for mission-critical performance and reliability.

    • Precision 7000 series

      Precision 7000 series

      Powerful tower and rack workstations made for scalability.

    • Performance vital for variety

      From 3D animation to financial analytics, Dell Precision workstations are purpose-built to power industry leaders across a wide variety of professional landscapes.

    • Media and Entertainment

      Media and Entertainment

      Master your digital content workflow with a Precision partnered with Adobe, Avid, Autodesk and many other media ISVs.

    • Engineering and Manufacturing

      Engineering and Manufacturing

      Quickly bring products to market, improve design and reduce prototypes with Autodesk, Dassault Systèmes, ANSYS and other software powered by a Precision.

    • Healthcare and Life Sciences

      Healthcare and Life Sciences

      Maneuver telemedicine, EMR systems and PACS images through partnerships with GE Healthcare, Barco, Cerner and Epic.

    • Oil and Gas

      Oil and Gas

      Complex workflow models and big data analytics are no match for workstation-class power combined with Halliburton, Sclumberger and IHS Markit support.

    • Economics and Financial Services

      Economics and Financial Services

      Dell Precision workstations power trading floors, financial analysis and banking through partnerships with financial institutions and ISVs.


      Virtual Reality

      Dell Precision workstations are the foundation for virtual and augmented reality content creation. The Technology Partner Program and an expansive ecosystem deliver tailored solutions designed to shape the future.


      Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

      Cognitive technologies are the fastest growing technology area in computing today. Precision workstations are not only capable, but also cost effective for Cognitive technology development and deployment.

    • Sony Innovation Studios

      See how Sony Innovation Studios uses Dell technology to bring real world locations to filmmakers.

    • LIFT Academy

      The future of aviation starts with innovation. See how LIFT Academy is using Virtual Reality to find and recruit pilots.  

    • Mark Mann

      Professional photographer Mark Mann is transforming the art of portrait photography. See how he brings out the best in his subjects with Dell’s professional grade tools.


      The next big thing for Data Scientists has arrived.

      Data Scientists need powerful computing resources to extract valuable insights from vast amounts of data. Dell’s Precision line, the world’s number one workstation provider, has come together with NVIDIA® and other leading technology providers, like Canonical, to deliver a fully integrated AI hardware and software solution. The Dell Data Science Workstation (DSW), a new product line from Dell, delivers the data science platform you need with the performance and reliability the world expects from Dell workstations.