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    • Smarter security for a transforming world

      Smarter security for a transforming world

      Graymatics is transforming the world of closed-circuit television (CCTV) to help ensure the safety of rapidly increasing urban populations from student campuses to mega cities.

    • Looking for a supplier, found a strategic partner

      Looking for a supplier, found a strategic partner

      When BCDVideo contacted Dell Technologies for entry-level servers, it found much more than that: a strategic OEM | Embedded & Edge partner able to not only supply its needs but also open doors to innovation and new opportunities.

    • Qognify: Tech solves today's urban challenges

      Qognify: Tech solves today's urban challenges

      Qognify helps make smart cities in India safer and more secure by transforming its video management technology to handle thousands of high-definition cameras.

    • IoT solutions for Computer Vision Safety and security

      Edge and IoT Solutions for Computer Vision Safety and Security

      Learn how V5 System’s Portable Security Unit is the world’s first wireless, multisensory portable security solution that can be deployed in any outdoor environment without the limitations of tapping into fixed power and without having to modify existing land or structures.

    • Smart thinking, with Innodep

      Smart thinking, with Innodep

      Learn how Innodep in South Korea cuts development time by 40 percent for its Internet of Things (IoT) security management solution by working with an original equipment manufacturer that understands smart thinking.

    • Dell Technologies Solutions for Safety and Security

      Dell Technologies Edge and IoT Solutions for Safety and Security

      Envision a safer world where a robust computer vision platform helps to protect what matters most. A new enterprise-grade, end-to-end Computer Vision Solution, utilizing the latest technology from Dell and Intel, takes a complex and challenging infrastructure and makes it simple to test, validate and deploy.

    • Designing computer vision solutions in an Edge and IoT World

      Learn how customers can go beyond traditional security and safety applications by connecting video surveillance to other systems while also leveraging advanced video analytics.

    • Cybersecurity with Automated Certificate and Password Management for safety and security

      This reference architecture guide describes the reference architecture of a validated solution to deploy and manage cybersecurity using automated certificate management for computer vision cameras.

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      From CTO-level discussions that define a vision to product design and prototyping, we create a bridge between your initial product ideas and actionable implementation plans. We’ll show you what’s possible then work together to devise a roadmap.

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