• Serious innovation behind serious fun.

      Topgolf is using technology to transcend golf, focusing on new ways to entertain and bring people together, delivered with a side of data-driven insights.


      How technology drives entertainment further

      Take thousands of golf balls embedded with RFID chips, launch them down a fairway rigged with cameras and sensors, and what do you get? Real-time scores and endlessly addictive fun for golfers and non-golfers alike. Science fiction? No. It’s the nexus of entertainment, sports and technology. And it’s only getting better. Topgolf created breakthrough technologies to craft an entertainment experience that inspires people to come together for play, food and music. With a keen attention to data and detail, and plans to open even more venues in more markets, they’re continuously improving and refining the way they deliver unforgettable experiences and serious fun.

    • What stands out most for me with the Dell Technologies platform is the scale. We're able to grow our solutions using the entire family of Dell Technologies.

    • A night out elevated by data.

      Carry, ball speed, height, hang time, curve, distance, points scored – all data points tracked and displayed for guests every time they hit a shot. Watch how Topgolf takes entertainment to a new level with Toptracer, the most advanced shot tracking technology in golf.

    • Delivering innovation at scale

      With over 40 venues and growing, Topgolf needs partners that can help them scale their business while providing fast service and delivery. Learn how Dell EMC and their technology are helping.


      How IoT is redefining golf

      Modern golf is a far cry from around 1,000 years ago, when a nobleman of the Northern Song Dynasty drove balls into holes with a crafted stick.

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      Customer: Topgolf
      Industry: Sports & Recreation
      Location: Dallas, Texas

      • Integrations


        VxRail Hyperconverged Infrastructure
        Accelerate innovation and data center modernization across the core, edge and cloud.


        PowerEdge Servers
        Power workloads with servers designed with performance, effortless management and integrated security.


      Tee Time

      Whether you see golf as an intense, white-knuckle competition, or a leisurely stroll around a course, the game has endured and the magic of the sport keeps growing. In this episode, we’ll take a look at how innovations have made golf bigger, better and more accessible than ever before.

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    • Topgolf participates in the Dell Technologies Customer Advocacy Program.