• Actual gamechanging technology

      Soccer is the world's game, with every outcome producing its own set of shockwaves. GoalControl uses seven cameras and IoT technology to ensure every goal is seen and analyzed as fairly and accurately as possible.


      Taking the guesswork out of goal decisions.

      With 3D camera-based technology and real-time data analytics, GoalControl is crafting an industry-leading improvement in watching, playing and refereeing professional sports around the world. By deploying strategically placed cameras that monitor soccer's all-important goal line, along with Dell Precision workstations featuring high-performance graphics, they're ensuring a winning experience for fans, refs and players.

    • We have a lot of really important situations, important games, and the players want a fair decision. And goal line technology helps to make the game much more fair

    • Never out of position. Always on the ball.

      GoalControl's watchful eye begins far away from the pitch. Their industry-leading real-time, pressure-packed analytics takes vigilance and the power to process quickly. That's why GoalControl trusts Dell Precision workstations and XPS laptops to constantly improve the way they iterate and innovate.

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      Customer: GoalControl
      Industry: Sports & Recreation 
      Location: Aachen, Germany

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        Artificial Intelligence Solutions
        Unlock the value of data with modern infrastructure and AI-enabled IT solutions and consulting services.


        Dell Precision Workstations
        Explore high-powered devices and fully customizable workstations certified with professional applications and featuring powerful Intel processors. 


      Soccer fans insist on instant accuracy from officials, but the human eye can misjudge a goal. GoalControl CEO Danial Marchwinski explains how technology can instantly share the validly of a goal in 3D

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    • GoalControl participates in the Dell Technologies Customer Advocacy Program.