• Future-proof infrastructure for automotive workflows

      As the automotive industry gets closer to fully autonomous vehicles and connected cars, the volume of data being produced, analyzed and processed is exploding, especially at the edge. OEMs, suppliers, and software developers developing ADAS systems face the need for solutions that solve today’s problems while preparing them to remain competitive in the future. Dell Technologies delivers the infrastructure, technology, expertise and partnerships to help organizations create modern data pipelines and accelerate ADAS development workflows.

    • Accelerate ADAS development with automotive solutions from Dell Technologies

      • Support data-intensive AI workloads
      • Accelerate time to market
      • Simplify data management
      • Leverage your cloud of choice
    • PowerScale for Autonomous Driving Vehicle Development

      Improving Advanced Driver Assistance Systems to build autonomous vehicles demands infrastructure that can gather, analyze & archive exponentially growing sensor data from test vehicles worldwide. Dell EMC PowerScale storage can predictably scale capacity and performance to accommodate these demanding workflows.

    • Automotive Data Solution Offerings

      Dell Technologies storage solutions support the demands of data-intensive ADAS workloads across simulations, validations, and AI training.

    • Automotive data storage – Automotive Edge Computing solutions by Dell Technologies

      ADAS Development with Dell EMC PowerScale

      Dell Technologies automotive data solutions form the backbone of ADAS development workflows, offering the scalability, performance, and simplified management required to support continuous ADAS data ingest, high bandwidth parallel simulation, and in-place sensor data fusion for AI training sets.

    • Autonomous vehicle data storage, Automotive edge computing by Dell Technologies

      Dell Technologies Storage Solutions for AI in ADAS/AD

      Dell Technologies autonomous vehicle data storage offers the analytics performance and extreme concurrency at scale needed to feed the data hungry AI/ML/DL algorithms required for autonomous driving development. Quickly adopt end-to-end infrastructure to support AI projects and Leverage ADAS data for AI training sets.

    • ADAS Development on Cloud

      ADAS Development on Cloud

      Dell Technologies Cloud Storage for PowerScale is a multi-cloud managed service that eliminates vendor lock-in with direct connect links to multiple cloud providers simultaneously. Leverage your cloud of choice, centralize management, reduce risk, and decouple long term storage from compute costs. Our joint offering with Microsoft Azure even eliminates egress fees between Azure and the managed service. We also offer a hybrid cloud HiL testing solution in partnership with AWS and native cloud solutions with Dell Technologies Cloud PowerScale for Google Cloud.

    • Storage solutions trusted by Tier-1 automotive suppliers and OEMs worldwide

      We help automotive industry leaders around the world accelerate current workflows and lay the foundation to pursue new data-driven business opportunities with powerful storage solutions.

      • What’s Next for Automotive? Industry Research Reveals Massive Changes by 2025


        What’s Next for Automotive? Industry Research Reveals Massive Changes by 2025

        Get a glimpse into the future of the automotive industry. Based on surveys of leading OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, ADAS software developers, and industry analysts, this research takes a look at emerging trends in the industry, what is driving those changes, and how to prepare for success in the software-defined future.

      • introducing

        Dell Autonomous Drive Partner Ecosystem

        Our new Dell Autonomous Drive ecosystem supports the most important steps in the AD/ADAS data process. Developed in conjunction with leading industry and technology partners, this architecture combines Dell Technologies and partner infrastructure, software and services to recommend a complete end-to-end toolchain. The Dell Autonomous Drive ecosystem is an open alternative to a single public cloud data lake which can reside on-prem, in the cloud (public and/or private), or any combination of the two.  Click image to enlarge.

    • Essential Resources

      Learn more about Dell Technologies storage solutions for the automotive industry


    • Top 5 Reasons to Choose PowerScale for AD/ADAS

      Top 5 Reasons to Choose PowerScale for AD/ADAS

      See why Dell EMC PowerScale is trusted by OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers around the world.

    • The critical role of data in automotive innovation

      The critical role of data in automotive innovation

      This eBook focuses on the factors that automotive manufacturers and suppliers will need to consider as they look at leveraging data to enhance the development of complex Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to enable vehicles to drive autonomously.

    • Edge Simulation for Advanced Development Systems

      Edge Simulation for Advanced Development Systems

      High-fidelity physics-based environment simulation plays an essential role in developing AI-enabled computer vision and sensor fusion by enabling training and validation for autonomous and safety critical systems.

    • Distributed Deep Learning Infrastructure for Autonomous Driving

      Distributed Deep Learning Infrastructure for Autonomous Driving

      This whitepaper explains the design and architecture of a large-scale deep learning infrastructure for the development of autonomous driving use cases, and reveals  results for machine learning benchmarking tests.

    • Impact of future vehicle architectures on automotive industry

      Impact of future vehicle architectures on automotive industry

      A survey research report from Wards Intelligence discusses the complex ecosystem that automakers are facing as well as when and how they are moving towards a new vehicle architecture that is Software-defined, Connected and Autonomous.

    • Building smarter factories with machine learning and virtualization

      Building smarter factories with machine learning and virtualization

      Machine learning, smart factories and CAD and CAE virtualization are helping manufacturers ensure higher levels of production quality and adhere to new social distancing guidelines around worker safety.

    Customer Stories

    • Automotive data solutions for autonomous vehicle development – Dell Technologies

      Customer Story: CMore Automotive

      Winning the self-driving race with high-performance NAS

      CMORE Automotive powers the testing and validation of AI-based autonomous-driving technology with high-quality training data and advanced analytics running on high-performing storage in its private cloud

    • Automotive edge computing data storage solutions - Dell Technologies

      Customer Story: Zenuity

      Dell Technologies delivers the full package for ADAS

      Zenuity uses Dell Technologies to accelerate the development of world-class driver-assistance technologies.



      New cloud-enabled Hardware-in-the-Loop system

      AWS, Dell Technologies and National Instruments partner to provide a tested architecture and solution enabling engineers to take advantage of the flexibility and scalability of cloud-based services, the performance of on-prem infrastructure and the accuracy of HiL testing.


      Engineering development and measurement solutions for ADAS/AD development

      Learn how B-Plus leverages Dell EMC PowerScale and ECS in their ADAS/AD portfolio development.


      Choose Dell EMC PowerScale and EMG for ADAS/AD

      Learn the top 5 reasons to choose Dell EMC PowerScale and EMG for ADAS/AD solutions.


      Learn the top 5 reasons to choose Dell Technologies and EDAG for ADAS/AD

      Learn the top 5 Reasons to Choose Dell Technologies and EDAG for ADAS/AD solutions.


      Dell EMC PowerScale and the cnvrg.io Data Science Platform

      Accelerate data processing in machine learning with a dataset caching tier.


      Accelerate ADAS/AD Development with AI Cloud

      Learn about Advanced Driver Assistance System/ Autonomous Driving (ADAS/AD) development.

    • Dell Technologies Automotive Events and Content


      Dell Technologies Automotive Events and Content

      Explore new and featured content from Dell Technologies, our partners and industry analysts that addresses the challenges faced by automotive OEMs, automotive suppliers and ADAS developers. Read about Dell Technologies customers, analyst insights, expert blogs, view videos, and explore interactive assets.

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