• Simplify and accelerate your hybrid cloud journey.

      Together, Dell Technologies and VMware accelerate digital business in a multi-cloud world. We understand that every hybrid cloud is different, and you need maximum flexibility and agility to compete in the digital economy. With a proven foundation built on Dell EMC PowerEdge servers with VMware® software, you can move forward with greater ease and, more importantly, on your terms.

      Best in class hardware and software for your data center.

      • Power and performance to adapt, automate and modernize your IT
      • Simplified procurement process for the full VMware software stack
      • Single point of contact for all your IT infrastructure needs
    • See what PowerEdge and VMware vSphere® can do to help you simply and securely manage your hybrid cloud.

    • PowerEdge and VMware: Simplify Your IT with One Team

    • Simplify and accelerate your hybrid cloud journey with Dell EMC PowerEdge and VMware, the industry leaders in x86 servers1, enterprise virtualization2, and HCI hardware and software3. Get scalable, flexible architectures, intelligent automation and management, and multi-layer security, from the core to the cloud to the edge.

    • See what PowerEdge and VMware can do to help empower your business

    • Server Solutions Optimized for VMware

    • PowerEdge MX and VMware

      Dell EMC PowerEdge MX, together with VMware software, brings scalable business architecture, intelligent management, multi‑layer security, and composability enabling better performance for today’s most demanding workloads

    • Dell EMC vSAN Ready Nodes

      Dell EMC vSAN Ready Nodes are built on Dell EMC PowerEdge servers that have been pre-configured, tested, and certified to run VMware vSAN. Dell EMC vSAN Ready Nodes now offer vSphere Lifecycle Management (vLCM), a single lifecycle workflow for the full stack - firmware and software updates, for simplified lifecycle management. 

    • OpenManage Integration for VMware vCenter (OMIVV)

      Configure, deploy, update and monitor Dell EMC PowerEdge servers — all within your vCenter console. Dell EMC OpenManage Integration for VMware vCenter lets you manage up to 15 vCenters and 2,000 servers using a single OMIVV plug-in.

    • VMware vSphere

      VMware vSphere delivers essential services for the modern hybrid cloud. The new generation of vSphere includes vSphere with Tanzu, the fastest way to get started with Kubernetes on a developer-ready infrastructure.

    • VMware vSAN

      VMware vSAN is a core building block for the SDDC. It powers leading hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solutions with vSphere-native, flash-optimized storage for private and public cloud deployments.  vSAN modernizes HCI, enabling it to take on more use cases while also making it easier to use.  

    • VMware Cloud Foundation

      VMware Cloud Foundation combines VMware’s vSphere®, vSAN™ and NSX® into one solution, and manages them collectively with SDDC Manager. With Cloud Foundation on PowerEdge servers, dramatically speed up the journey to a hybrid cloud and accelerate time to market. Unlock the full potential of app modernization using Cloud Foundation with VMware Tanzu™.

    • VMware NSX

      VMware NSX Data Center delivers virtualized networking and security entirely in software, enabling the virtual cloud network to connect and protect across data centers, clouds, and applications.

    • Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers

      The world leaders in x86 servers1, Dell EMC PowerEdge servers are constructed to be adaptable and optimized with VMware. The full PowerEdge portfolio consists of rack, tower and modular servers, along with the Dell EMC OpenManage portfolio.


      Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

      Leveraging fully validated components, Dell EMC VDI Complete Solutions streamlines the procurement, deployment and support of a virtual desktop and application environment.

    • Your Partners in IT Transformation

      With over 20 years of partnership and thousands of joint customers, Dell EMC and VMware offer a collaborative, solution-based approach to simplify your hybrid cloud journey. Wherever you are in your transformation journey, Dell EMC PowerEdge servers and VMware make it easier to deploy the software-defined data center (SDDC) and hybrid cloud solutions that reduce IT complexity, improve operational efficiency, increase developer agility and empower your business.

    • Essential Resources

      PowerEdge and VMware Resources



      Cybera Customer Story

      Shorter IT Refresh Cycles keep cloud provider ahead of the curve

      Learn how Cybera accelerates their server refresh cycles to become a cloud enabled business.


      Nol-Tec Customer Story

      Nol-Tec Systems Modernizes with VMware Cloud Foundation and Dell EMC PowerEdge

      Nol-Tec Systems modernized their infrastructure with a simpler, more agile platform with VMware Cloud Foundation and Dell EMC PowerEdge servers to keep pace with the evolving demand.


      RealPage Customer Story

      Boosting performance and results for clients

      RealPage achieved significant savings in licensing fees by using the right PowerEdge servers and VMware.


      Rackspace customer story

      Embracing AI and ML to Take Customers to the Next Level

      Peter FitzGibbon talks about how Dell EMC PowerEdge™ servers are essential in helping Rackspace manage customer data reliably and securely.


      Chorley Council Customer Story

      UK council’s digital transformation helps all

      Chorley Council is improving services and saving money by driving an IT and workforce transformation.


      Middlesbrough Council Customer story

      Middlesbrough Council in the United Kingdom is improving digital services for citizens with Dell Technologies

      Middlesbrough Council creates a hyperconverged IT infrastructure to enhance public services and enable innovation with limited resources, improving digital services for citizens. 

    Technical and Product Videos


      OpenManage Integration with VMware vCenter

      As part of our Tech Talk series, OMIVV Product Manager Damon Earley explains the benefits of OpenManage integration with VMware vCenter.


      PowerEdge Servers and VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF)

      As part of our Tech Talk series, Ashok Patel discusses how PowerEdge servers and VCF help customers reduce costs in their data centers.


      PowerEdge VMware vSAN Ready Nodes

      As part of our Tech Talk series, vSAN Ready Nodes Product Manager Jeff Christy explains how Ready Nodes simplify and accelerate vSAN deployment on PowerEdge servers.


      VMware vSphere on Dell EMC PowerEdge

      This 2-minute tech talk describes how VMware ESXi helps users get more efficient utilization out of server hardware resources.  The combination of vSphere and PowerEdge brings users the latest server technologies, scalability and security. 


      PowerEdge and vSphere 7 Video

      PowerEdge and vSphere 7 Video



      Choose Your Path to the Hybrid Cloud

      Wherever you are in your journey, Dell EMC PowerEdge and VMware will take you where you want to go.


      PowerEdge and VMware vSphere Preinstalled

      PowerEdge servers delivered with VMware vSphere Standard already preinstalled and pre-activated saves you up to 40 minutes in activation and installation time. 


      Simplify lifecycle management with vSphere and Dell EMC OpenManage Integration for VMware vCenter

      Principled Technologies conducted a study of PowerEdge servers carrying out several updates and compatibility verification tasks both manually and using tools including VMware vSphere Lifecycle Manager (vLCM) and Dell EMC OpenManage Integration with VMware vCenter (OMIVV).


      AMD vSAN Comparison of HP DL380 2 Socket vs PowerEdge R7515 1 Socket

      Principled Technologies performed a Transactional database performance and cost analysis of the Dell EMC PowerEdge R7515 and the HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 in VMware vSAN ReadyNode clusters.


      Dell EMC vSAN Ready Node Certification

       This 2-page document describes the certification process that every vSAN Ready Node undergoes before being listed on the VMware Compatibility Guide


      AMD-powered Dell EMC vSAN Ready Nodes for Cloud Foundation

      Dell EMC vSAN Ready Nodes on an AMD-based server platform are pre-configured, validated, and certified to reduce deployment challenges, increase efficiency, and in turn, helps ease the set-up of a VMware on-premises cloud.


      PowerEdge and vSphere 7 with Tanzu Infographic

      The latest release of vSphere introduced vSphere with VMware Tanzu, which unites IT operators and application developers in a shared effort to modernize applications. vSphere with Tanzu embeds Kubernetes into the vSphere control plane, making it the fastest way to get started with Kubernetes workloads. It simplifies operation of Kubernetes on-premises and adopts cloud-native constructs as part of your existing infrastructure. This infographic highlights the benefit of running vSphere with Tanzu on PowerEdge servers.


      PowerEdge and vSphere with Tanzu Solution Brief

      Build a Developer-Ready Infrastructure. Running vSphere with Tanzu on Dell EMC PowerEdge servers is the fastest way to get started with Kubernetes.



      Simplify Lifecycle Management with Dell EMC PowerEdge & VMware

      IT Admins can realize significant time savings with tools from PowerEdge and VMware. Learn about the tools and the time savings in this blog.


      Simplify and Accelerate Modern Apps with PowerEdge + VMware vSphere

      With the launch of vSphere 7U1, VMware brings the fastest way to get started with Kubernetes in existing infrastructure, providing even more opportunities for PowerEdge and vSphere customers. The integration and partnership is designed to make running workloads on PowerEdge faster and easier than ever before.


      Dell EMC PowerEdge + VMware: The Ultimate Hybrid Cloud Combo

      The dynamic nature of hybrid cloud, driven by ever-changing business demands, requires maximum flexibility, agility, manageability and security. See why more companies are turning to the Dell EMC PowerEdge, to give them flexible and secure infrastructure on which to build, run and manage their hybrid cloud, with the latest VMware stack including VMware vSphere® 7 with Kubernetes, VMware vSAN™ 7, and VMware Cloud Foundation™.


      VMware vSphere 7 Available on Dell EMC PowerEdge

      With PowerEdge & vSphere 7, it’s full speed ahead on your journey to the modern hybrid cloud


      Simplify Hybrid Cloud with Dell EMC PowerEdge + VMware

      Cloud Foundation on Dell EMC PowerEdge servers delivers enterprise agility, reliability, and efficiency for customers seeking to deploy private and hybrid clouds, providing consistent infrastructure and operations from the data center to the cloud and the edge, making VCF an ideal platform for hybrid cloud deployments.


      Chart a Better IT Future With Dell EMC PowerEdge and VMware

      Upgrading to a Dell EMC vSAN Ready Node with the latest VMware software can lead to a better hybrid cloud experience for IT admins, including reduced deployment risk, streamlined updates, and simpler lifecycle management. 

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