Become a Broker of Services to the Business

Develop a roadmap for your IT transformation. Build a hybrid cloud and offer both internal and external services to your users. Redesign your IT organization to manage supply and demand for your services.

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IT Transformation Workshop

Benchmark your readiness to broker services against industry peers and bring together IT leadership to set priorities

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Hybrid Cloud

Build a hybrid cloud computing platform to broker IT services from internal and external sources

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IT Service Catalog Strategy and Design

Define business-focused services, create blueprints, and develop a self-service portal

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Data Center Consolidation and Migration

Ensure a smooth migration with no downtime with our patented methodologies and automated tools

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IT Organization and Process Design

Define roles, create a new service center operating model, and develop processes to deliver IT as a service

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Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Managed Services

Offload the risk and complexity of your cloud operations to our experts so you can focus on critical business issues

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Yamaha Transforms IT with EMC Global Services

Yamaha Motor chose EMC Global Services to transform its entire IT infrastructure-and develop a long-term hybrid cloud strategy.

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