Drive business value and power the digital industrial revolution

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    • From integration to automation, Dell EMC OEM & IoT enables you to innovate faster and make things smarter and more efficient every day. Use IoT and embedded technologies to connect machines, improve efficiency and create new revenue streams. Deliver next generation OEM solutions for tough industrial environments by working with our team of experts and engineers. 

    • Dell EMC OEM Perspective

      Evolution of Industrial Automation

      The industrial automation market leads the way in the adoption of new technologies that include augmented reality (AR), 3D printing, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud-based supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADA) and programmable automation controllers (PACs). What is the current state of play – and what is the future?

    • Use Cases

      From powering central automation and control rooms to bringing leading-edge solutions to the factory floor, Dell EMC OEM and our partners can help you innovate faster and gain competitive advantage.

    • Enable the cognitive and data-driven smart factory

      Transform manufacturing to reduce unplanned downtime, improve overall equipment effectiveness and increase production capacity.

    • Drive IoT-based machine monitoring

      Enable condition-based monitoring, analytics and predictive maintenance.

    • Optimize real-time quality control

      Use edge analytics and cloud-based advanced computing to maximize in-process real-time quality control (RtQC).

    • OEM Industrial Automation verticals

      Dell EMC OEM & IoT enables industrial automation solutions across a variety of verticals, including manufacturing, oil and gas, building automation, utilities, mining, transportation, logistics and other markets.



      Enabling Smart Factory and Connected Manufacturing in the era of Industry 4.0


      Oil & Gas

      Optimizing oil field operations from the edge to the cloud



      Developing, deploying, and supporting ruggedized solutions for the harshest of field conditions


      Building Automation

      Delivering solutions for commercial HVAC, water and waste management, smart cities and more



      Transforming the grid to enable the digital utility of the future


      Transportation & Logistics

      Enhancing driver safety and generating savings with telematics, fleet management and logistics solutions



      Industry 4.0: How industrial companies can drive value today

      What is Industry 4.0? It involves leveraging new digital technologies across the full value chain. It will help companies innovate faster, optimize operations and create new revenue streams. Discover how customers can gain competitive advantage in the era of digital industrial revolution. 

    • Products and Solutions for Industrial Automation

    • OEM Rugged Servers

      Tier 1 technology for the world’s toughest industries

      Build your solutions on rugged servers that are tested and certified for real-world industrial environments. Bring enterprise-class technology to the edge. Choose from flexible configuration options with global support.



      IoT Edge Computing

      Capture value at the edge with IoT and rugged technology

      Gateways, embedded PCs, specialized servers and other solutions let you securely process and act on data while it matters, where it matters.


      Storage Solutions

      Automate with advanced, modern storage technologies

      Address all workloads in the industrial automation market with a broad portfolio of storage and data protection solutions.


      Desktops and Workstations

      Build on industrial grade OEM client platforms from Tier 1 vendor

      High heat tolerance of desktops and high-power visualization for critical functions of workstations in a small footprint.


      Rugged Mobility

      Engage employees wherever they are in industrial environments

      Broad portfolio of solutions to ensure employees are enabled and engaged wherever they are located.

    • Essential Resources

      Learn about our OEM & IoT Industrial Automation Solutions


      Customer Story: Emerson

      Driving industrial insights through edge and cloud connectivity

      See how Emerson quickly developed a solution on a global scale to give customers a better way to manage and trouble shoot key operational assets.


      Customer Story: Halliburton

      Optimizing oil field operations from edge to cloud

      Halliburton Landmark solution provides real time analytics from the sensors and actuators in the oilfield all the way to the office.


      Customer Story: Dell Brazil Factory

      Automation and connectivity on the factory floor

      Read how a Dell factory in Brazil sought to improve their End-of-the-Line Quality metric (EQM) and automate a highly manual process.


      Taking operational efficiency to the edge with Tridium and Dell

      Niagara-based IIoT solution from Tridium and Dell improves operational efficiency on the plant floor.


      Get faster on the industrial IoT with Software AG and Dell Technologies

      Get value from the Industrial IoT faster with high-performance industry-proof solution enabling the digital ecosystem.


      A new era in IoT-based machine monitoring with Action Point

      Enabling condition based monitoring, analytics & predictive maintenance.


      Event Velocity by Pixel Velocity

      Learn about Event Velocity, a digital oilfield solution which enables oil and gas companies to visually monitor and manage remote assets.


      Short Smart Manufacturing Webcast

      Connect your machines to improve machine efficiency.


      Short Energy and the Smart Grid Webcast

      Transform the edge of the grid to enable the digital utility of the future.


      Reducing Development Costs for IoT Edge Solutions with Pre-Certified Hardware

      Dell provides out of box certification on its computing systems, helping customers save money and deploy solutions faster.