• Protect business-critical data with enterprise backup software from Dell EMC

    • While protecting business data is increasingly costly and time-consuming, enterprise backup software from Dell EMC helps to improve data protection processes, protect vital workloads and manage governance requirements for data volumes that continue to grow at an exponential rate. Dell EMC offers next-generation data management that enables faster IT transformation while providing the assurance that organizations can easily protect and quickly unlock the value of their data with state-of-the-art enterprise backup solutions.


      Back up Data with Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliance

      Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA) offers complete data backup, replication and recovery, all in one.

    • Choosing enterprise backup software: the challenges

    • Selecting the right enterprise backup software is critical to not only ensuring the safety of your data but to reduce cost, simplify compliance and streamline management. The right enterprise backup software must solve a myriad of data protection challenges, including:

      • Tighter IT budgets. IT departments are increasingly asked to accomplish more with smaller budgets and fewer staff resources. A superior enterprise backup software solution can help by automating processes, simplifying management and minimizing the resources required to oversee backup and recovery operations.
      • Changing regulatory frameworks. From HIPAA to PCI DSS and GDPR, enterprise data is increasingly subject to stringent and complex regulation that has many ramifications for backup and archiving. The right enterprise backup software must make it easy to comply with a wide variety of frameworks and minimize the time required to handle legal and compliance inquiries.
      • Unprecedented data growth. As organizations continue to create vast amounts of data, enterprise backup software must scale easily to meet the information management needs of today and tomorrow.
      • Complex IT environments. To fully protect data, enterprise backup software must be able to manage backups from on-premises servers as well as integrate with public, private and hybrid cloud environments, including  VMware Cloud on AWS,  AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).
      • Fragmented legacy solutions. Many organizations are operating with a collection of legacy enterprise backup software that can’t easily integrate data backups or simplify the task of backup management. Finding a single solution for backup and recovery can help to minimize data loss and corruption as well as the time required to manage data protection.

      Superior enterprise backup software will enable IT organizations to effortlessly manage backup, recovery, disaster recovery, archiving and migration, while also reducing costs, simplifying compliance and scaling to meet the demands of growing data volumes. That’s why more organizations today look to Dell EMC for enterprise backup software, hardware, solutions and services.

    • Enterprise backup software from Dell EMC

    • PowerProtect Software

      PowerProtect Software is the next step in the transformation from traditional data protection to comprehensive data management. PowerProtect Software enables you to set protection policies, backup and recover, deduplicate and tier physical and virtual workloads. Data owners and admins can protect critical workloads directly from native interfaces while IT maintains governance and compliance. PowerProtect Software offers SaaS reporting and monitoring to easily analyze and troubleshoot distributed environments from anywhere.  

    • Benefits of Dell EMC enterprise backup software

    • With Dell EMC PowerProtect Software, organizations can:

      • Maximize investment in backup storage and minimize storage costs with superior deduplication.
      • Ensure compliance and meet the strictest service level objectives with greater oversight and governance capabilities.
      • Empower data owners to perform self-service backup and recovery operations from their native applications.
      • Deploy enterprise backup software quickly for rapid time to value.
      • Automate discovery and onboarding of databases, VMs and Dell EMC PowerProtect DD protection storage.
      • Mitigate risk and ensure SLA and SLO compliance with centralized governance features.
      • Manage long-term retention to secondary storage in the cloud more easily.
      • Streamline backup and recovery operations with direct protection from applications and storage, enabling faster, more efficient and fewer application server resource constraints. 

    • What’s your cost-to-protect with enterprise backup software?

    • Understanding your cost-to-protect is critical to choosing enterprise backup software that can help to reduce costs while simplifying management and streamlining compliance. Use our Dell EMC cost-to-protect (CTP) calculator to determine your monthly cost for protecting data. The projected calculation takes into account the number of gigabytes in storage, the cost of your current data protection solution, the months supported by purchase and other criteria.

    • FAQs: What is enterprise backup software?

    • What is Dell EMC PowerProtect Software? 

      Dell EMC PowerProtect Software is modern data management software that, in conjunction with backup appliances like Dell EMC PowerProtect X400, provides a next-generation data management solution for effectively and cost-efficiently protecting data on premises, in virtualized environments and in the cloud .

      What workloads does Dell EMC PowerProtect support? 


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