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      • Keep endpoints secure from anywhere

        The number of end users who are working remotely and on-the go has increased exponentially. With breaches now happening both above and below the OS, you need intelligent solutions that prevent, detect and respond to threats wherever they occur. 

      • Above the operating system and added on

      • Prevent, detect & remediate attacks

        Dell SafeGuard and Response, powered by VMware Carbon Black and Secureworks

      • Encrypt sensitive information & protect data

        Dell SafeData with Netskope and Absolute

      • Access your device securely from anywhere

        VMware Workspace ONE

      • Below the operating system and built-in

      • Secure end user credentials

        Dell SafeID

      • Gain visibility to BIOS tampering

        Dell SafeBIOS with BIOS Indicators of Attack (IoA)

      • Ensure on-screen digital privacy

        Dell SafeScreen

    • Prevent

      Prevent PC security threats and stay protected with AI, machine learning and easy-to-implement behavioral endpoint detection — all powered by VMware Carbon Black.

    • Detect

      See security threats everywhere with visibility across endpoints, networks and the cloud — and receive remote incident response services powered by Secureworks.

    • Respond

      Activate on-demand incident and emergency response, including incident identification, prevention and remediation powered by Secureworks.

    • Resources to enhance endpoint security in the workplace

      Get up to date on the latest threats and the solutions that can help you create new value through data.


      Dell Technologies Managed Detection and Response

      Powered by Secureworks® Taegis™ XDR, Managed Detection and Response leverages advanced analytics and expertise to investigate and respond to threats.


      Hacker Quiz

      Are you smarter than a hacker?


      Trusted Devices Marketecture

      This short illustration provides a look at how Trusted Devices are secured above and below the OS.


      Dell Technologies Unified Workspace Community

      A suite of capabilities to protect your users, your data, your devices and your access. Find out more about our industry-leading client security solutions.


      BIOS Security – The Next Frontier for Endpoint Protection

      As IT security technology becomes more sophisticated, attackers continually search for new ways to break in.


      Workplace Security Trends

      Who’s winning the workplace security war? These studies highlight the security challenges facing organizations and the workforce today.


      Advanced Support for Software

      Get direct access to a dedicated, highly trained security software expert who provides personalized support including customized communication plans, health checks and more.

    • Drive agility with the industry’s most secure commercial PCs.

      Secure your endpoints, accelerate workforce transformation and boost agility with Dell Technologies commercial PCs.