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    Measuring digital transformation progress around the world

    The pandemic forced business to digitally transform, over the past few months, in ways that would normally have taken years to accomplish. Have they transformed fast enough? To find out, we’ve explored the status of digital transformation around the globe.

    • Digital transformation has become an imperative for all organizations

      The Dell Technologies Digital Transformation Index analyzes organizations’ efforts to overcome recent unprecedented disruption. We surveyed 4,300 business leaders from around the globe. Check out the highlight video.

    • Businesses are transforming digitally, at speed, to survive

      The Digital Transformation Index shows an increase in Digital Leaders and Digital Adopters as well as a significant decline in Digital Followers.

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    • Measure your organization’s digital transformation

      How would your business do? Are you a Digital Leader or Laggard? Find out by taking the online assessment tool and compare yourself to your peers.


      Organizations have accelerated during these unusual times

      Businesses have shifted their digital transformation into high gear. However, 48% fear their teams are at risk of burn-out from trying to adapt their IT strategy in these abnormal times.

    • 80% of businesses fast-tracked at least some digital transformation programs in 2020

      Top 3 successful acceleration programs

      1. Strengthened cybersecurity
      2. Empowered remote work capabilities
      3. Reinvented digital experiences for customers & employees


    • There are persistent barriers to digital transformation in the data decade

      The pandemic may have catalyzed digital transformation across the globe, but continuous digital transformation is not easy: 94% of businesses are facing entrenched barriers to transformation.

    • 1

      Data privacy and security

    • 2

      Lack of budget and resources

    • 3

      Unable to extract valuable insights from data and/or information overload

    • Transform in a hyper-digital world

      Advanced technology plays a vital role helping companies adapt quickly, stay agile and serve their customer base in an increasingly digital world. Organizations are transforming the way they consume and deploy software infrastructure and applications much faster. Here are a few more trends we’re seeing:

    • We’ve been given a glimpse of the future, and the organizations that are accelerating their digital transformation now will be poised for success in the Data Era that is unfolding before our eyes.

      Michael Dell, Chairman and CEO, Dell Technologies
    • Be ready for whatever comes next

      Businesses are making huge progress along their journey to their digital future, but challenges remain, and the next disruption could be around the corner. Dell Technologies can help with world class, end-to-end services and solutions that span the cloud, data center and the Edge. Find out what’s possible.