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    What Is LEAP? Content apps that drive productivity and solve business challenges.

    Solving hard problems

    • Unrivaled set of document classification, extraction, and content transformation tools. A la carte menu options and easy-to- track usage. Pay only for what you use.

    No migration required

    • Instead of wasting time moving to a new platform, LEAP integrates with your front and backend systems with the help of REST, CMIS, and other standard data architectures and service layers.

    Thoughtfully designed

    • Our purpose-built, multi-device ready apps can be configured in minutes so different users can focus on their most important tasks.



    “If you think enterprise content has been taken for granted, join us. Let us show you the difference.”

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    LEAP Apps


    Content exchange without chaos

    Exchanging mortgage, insurance, or other business documents is a pain. Leap Courier improves this exchange by giving every participant a visually rich, clearly marked, and easy- to-follow experience so you don’t have to settle for risky sync and share solutions.

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    Document capture for everyone

    IT capture solutions are overly complex. As a lightweight app, Leap Snap overcomes this problem in minutes while still delivering the enterprise-grade development, test, production, template, and configuration features you need.

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    Collaborative authoring with control

    Document creation is a deeply collaborative process with several differing roles. Leap Concert brings order to this process while freeing participants to do their best work. Divided documents, workflow notifications, and authoritative controls all combine to prevent unauthorized or unnecessary content changes.

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    Content anywhere, anytime

    Content access and subsequent approvals are often more friction-filled than they should be. On the contrary, LEAP Express delights casual and infrequent users with its ability to easily browse, search, and approve all content, no matter where it lives. It’s repository-agnostic, eliminating the need to jump across multiple content apps, and it supports approval workflows from D2, Documentum, and solutions such as Life Sciences.

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    Document viewing designed for mobile

    Reading, section jumping, and reviewing content on mobile phones has never been easy – until now. LEAP Focus replaces pinching and zooming with a responsive mobile experience that’s perfect for whatever device you use for whatever long-form business document. No laptop required.

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    Build on the LEAP Platform

    LEAP is the best source for enterprise content apps that drive user productivity and solve digital business challenges. The LEAP Platform exposes all services as API’s with which customers and partners can build their own content applications.

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    LEAP Together Approach: Digital Transformation through our “Better Together” LEAP Applications

    Although most companies have made significant investments in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) there are several logistical, geographical and procedural limitations that leave a continued reliance on paper-based processes. These remain to be the most costly error-prone manual processes and operational bottlenecks for departments and organizations everywhere.

    EMC’s new LEAP family of SaaS applications overcome those limitations by providing very lightweight purpose-built apps that are intuitive, accessible from anywhere and completely open to easily integrate with your existing repositories and investments in content automation.

    Drive your “Digital Transformation” with our LEAP “Better Together” applications today.

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    Announcing LEAP

    The content management conference designed by users and for the users.

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    IDC Commentary
    Reviews New EMC LEAP

    Melissa Webster from IDC says, “EMC has worked hard on the design of its five initial LEAP Apps to keep them simple without losing the power of the underlying platform”

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