Seamlessly transforming your business from the physical to the digital

    • Accelerate your innovation with emerging technologies

      Data is the lifeblood of every business, allowing organizations to innovate in ways never thought possible. Vehicles will become fully autonomous. Telesurgery will remove barriers to vital healthcare. Digital cities will revolutionize our daily lives.

      With the pace of transformation accelerated, progress can only be made when we push relentlessly to innovate, improve and advance. A data-first, data-anywhere business model is required to capitalize on the opportunities in front of us. By harnessing the transformative power of technology, businesses can build the secure digital foundation needed to be ready what’s next. 

    • EDGE

      Data first, data anywhere: Life on the Edge brings promise and possibility

      • The full promise of emerging technologies is reliant on the secure Edge. It fundamentally transforms how people and machines interact with digital services, advance human progress, and shape the future; from exciting new uses for AR and VR to enhanced healthcare efficiency, manufacturing and automation control, and much more.

      • 75%

        of enterprise-generated data in 2025 will be created and processed outside a traditional data center or cloud1

    • Maximize performance from the center to the Edge and beyond


      Become an intelligent business in the decentralized data era

      • With such a tremendous and overwhelming influx of data, it is vital for organizations to collect, store, and use data securely, efficiently and cost-effectively. It is critical to be business-ready faster, accelerating data movement across the hybrid, multi-cloud landscape - turning insights into actions and driving speedy outcomes.

      • 175 ZB

        of digital data is going to be created worldwide by 2025, with 30% of data processed in real time2

    • Here’s how better data management leads to better outcomes

    • Artificial Intelligence

      The merging of human and artificial intelligence

      • AI isn’t coming – it’s here and everywhere. The data from the virtual world blends seamlessly with the physical world as we shift to more frequent digital interactions. A sound strategic AI approach will propel any organization to a sustained competitive advantage.

      • 53%

        of data and analytics decision makers globally say they are or are planning implement some form of AI3

    • Here’s how to get the true benefits of AI

    • 5G

      5G, the limitless network the data era demands

      • 5G powers a world of connectivity, enabling mixed reality experiences where the physical and digital worlds converge. Just imagine what this level of performance means to our data-driven future.

      • 40%

        of global networks will be covered by 5G in 2024, handling 25% of the mobile traffic worldwide4

    • Unleash access across your entire distributed IT infrastructure


      Implementing an intrinsic, pervasive and invisible security solution

      • As organizations embrace the many advantages of emerging technologies, the volatile, hyperconnected nature of digital business amplifies the threats, vulnerabilities, and consequences. Security doesn’t need new product; it needs a new approach. One that is resilient, intelligent, and automated with security built in everywhere your applications go, from your endpoints to your infrastructure to your cloud deployments.

      • #1

        of current IT investments is cyber security and privacy5

    • Implementing an intrinsic, pervasive and invisible security solution

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