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      IoT Deployment is Driving Analytics to the Edge

      Edge and IoT data can be a powerful source of insight. Learn how modern organizations stay competitive by moving analytics to the edge.




      Embedded Intelligence - Innovative Outcomes with Edge Cloud

      By 2023 edge devices will be creating three times more data than exists today. Find out how flexible edge intelligence systems are improving outcomes for organizations and customers.



      The Edge Cloud - Enabling an Intelligent Digital World

      Find out how an Edge Cloud can deliver and control distributed services as a service for your business, giving you the competitive edge on intelligence.



      The Future of Loss Prevention

      Today, 89% of consumers still complete their purchases at a brick-and-mortar location. Yet with the rise of e-commerce, retailers still need to create an in-store experience that innovates while protecting against new areas of fraud.



      451 RESEARCH

      Designing for Edge Success

      The digital future demands a data-first perspective. Find out why Edge solutions should not be framed as 'edge vs. cloud', rather, how the two should work in tandem.


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    • The Intersection of Edge and Cloud

      The Intersection of Edge and Cloud

      The edge and cloud are intrinsically intertwined – they complement one another to help organizations understand and act on data from all areas of their business.

    • Find your Edge

      Find your Edge

      Edge computing isn’t new, but we are still in the early stages of its growth. Discover our approach to the edge, and the end-to-end solutions which tackle its challenges.

    • Catalyzing Innovation Through the Edge

      Catalyzing Innovation Through the Edge

      The edge holds great promise, with technological shifts from the application of technology to transformation that will affect society. Learn more about the future of edge innovation.

    • Data Value at the Edge

      Data Value at the Edge

      A better understanding of data at the Edge leads to better business decisions. Take a look at how we can enhance the value of data to our customers throughout its entire lifecycle.




    • Retail Stores Delivering Results With an Edge

      Retail Stores Delivering Results With an Edge

      Retail is getting its own therapy. With the rise of e-commerce and touch-free, we’re committed to helping our customers harness the growing trends in the industry by applying the right technology for every environment.

    • The Industrial Edge: The Game has Changed

      The Industrial Edge: The Game has Changed

      By 2025, 75 percent of all data will be processed at the edge. We are here to help you start thinking about how to best redefine your industry’s specialized strategies for monetizing the opportunities that await.

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      Making Our Cities Smarter and Safer with Digital Technologies

      Find out how smart cities are cultivating safer, healthier urban environments through intelligent use of edge computing, Internet of Things, computer vision and data analytics.



      Driving Business Opportunities at the Edge

      Read our latest blog on discovering how your business can harness the combination of IoT and edge computing to unlock the true potential of data.


      RT Insights

      Thoughts on Emerging Technologies, Edge, and IoT

      Read our blog exploring the role of emerging technologies such as IoT, Machine Learning and AI with Krish Iyer and Calvin Smith, both part of the global Office of the CTO team for Dell Technologies.


    • Our featured edge podcasts

    • Embracing the Edge

      Embracing the Edge

      In this episode, we discuss edge possibilities, and how it is much more about the function and where users are, less about a location.

    • Formula 1 Racing: Driven by Data

      Formula 1 Racing: Driven by Data

      In this episode, we learn about how engineers collect data through sensors to power the design, build and race cycle of Formula 1 cars.


      Artificial Intelligence: Driving in the Streets

      In this episode of the Luminaries podcast, we discuss how artificial intelligence, machine learning and Internet of Things work together to build smart cities that reflect the needs of citizens.


      AI Has Eyes: ComputerVision

      In this episode of AI: Hype vs Reality, we explore how computer vision works, how it can be applied in schools, retail and the wild, as well as discussing related privacy concerns.


      Can Vertical and Urban Farming Feed the World?

      Listen to episode 2.13 of the Trailblazers podcast and discover IoT’s role in the future of agriculture and feeding growing global populations.

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      Edge and IoT PowerChat Podcasts

      Listen to all the Edge and IoT PowerChat podcasts, a bitesize dose of experts discussing the latest on Edge and IoT, Safety and Security and ComputerVision technologies. 


      Retail PowerChat

      Listen to all the Retail PowerChat podcasts, as experts bring you short but informative podcasts that explore the world of Retail Digital Transformation.


      Healthcare PowerChat

      Listen to all the Healthcare PowerChat podcasts, as experts bring you the latest in Healthcare IT Transformation.


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    • Driving Industrial Innovation

      Driving Industrial Innovation

      Solution builders in many industries are facing new pressures to differentiate their products and services in an increasingly competitive environment. Find out how we will address the surge in edge computing and drive value for businesses. 


      How Edge Will Fuel the Future

      Take a look at how to refine and analyze your data to improve your edge strategy. We explore the implications for designing solutions today and how solution builders have embraced edge computing now.


      Designing Solutions for the Edge: Driving Industrial Automation

      We can help you design, deliver and support customized industrial Edge solutions and a secure supply chain – all from one trusted and sustainable tier 1 vendor. To learn more and access this webinar, click your regional link below.


      Edge, Cloud & 5G: Three Perspectives on the Future of Data

      We look how the major technological advances in the past decade might affect each other as the importance of data continues to grow. Listen to experts in each field determine what they think is best for future business strategies.