• Cloud Storage Solutions for Unstructured Data

    • Align your unstructured data with the best, cloud deployment model based on a data first approach

      Dell Technologies provides a wide range of choices for private, multi-cloud and native cloud storage services for unstructured data. Our cloud services extend the capabilities of our #1 Distributed File System and Object Storage1 – Dell EMC PowerScale Scale-Out NAS and Dell EMC ECS – such as performance at-scale, operational efficiency and management simplicity. We enable enterprises to deploy the most suitable offering with cloud economics. These solutions range from directly connecting to cloud for multi-cloud agility and zero data gravity to a fully integrated, native cloud experience.

    • Maximize business outcomes with our file and object cloud solutions

      • Store and manage your object data at public cloud-like scale.
      • Achieve operational agility that’s greater than a single cloud.
      • Run data-intensive cloud workloads with no outbound traffic costs.
      • Enjoy native cloud experience for the tightest cloud integration.
      • Gain data insights and move data between your data center and the cloud.
    • Cloud storage for file and object data

      Cloud storage solutions for unstructured data include native cloud services and services directly connected to the cloud.

    • Multi-cloud - cloud data storage services

      Directly connect to the clouds of your choice

      Multi-Cloud Data Services for Dell EMC PowerScale allow users to connect their high-performance file storage, consumed as-a-service, directly to public clouds including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud through a high-speed, low latency connection. This service, enabled by Faction, provides multi-cloud agility with zero data gravity as data stays independent of the cloud. By being able to switch easily between the clouds to use native services, users can avoid vendor lock-in, mitigate risk and choose the right cost/performance ratio of a cloud service for each workload.

    • Use native cloud integration with Google Cloud

      Use native cloud integration with Google Cloud

      Dell EMC PowerScale for Google Cloud is a fully integrated native cloud file service for Google Cloud users. This turnkey managed service combines the performance, efficiency and security of PowerScale OneFS with the flexibility and cost economics of Google Cloud. Together, PowerScale for Google Cloud enables enterprises to run the most demanding file-based workloads, which require extreme performance and throughput. From big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning to genome sequencing, electronic design automation and media and entertainment workloads, take advantage of flexible cloud consumption models and cloud economics.

    • enterprise cloud storage services – cloud data

      Take advantage of the Azure native services with zero egress

      We combined Dell EMC PowerScale, powered by OneFS with the Microsoft Azure public cloud, which offers enterprise-grade compute for operational flexibility and a vast selection of services to accelerate innovation. This PowerScale for Azure solution, enabled by Faction, provides high bandwidth and low latency connection from PowerScale to Azure using Azure ExpressRoute Local, which is required to effectively run compute, intensive file workloads in industries like life sciences and media and entertainment. It also eliminates outbound data traffic costs for data written to PowerScale from within Azure.

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    • PowerScale Cloud Storage solution for Microsoft Azure

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    • Deep Learning with PowerScale for Google Cloud

      Deliver the capacity, performance and high concurrency to eliminate the I/O storage bottlenecks for AI with PowerScale for Google Cloud.

    • Hadoop Analytics with PowerScale for Google Cloud

      PowerScale for Google Cloud provides the ability to separate and tier HDFS storage from the Hadoop compute infrastructure. For Hadoop analytics, it minimizes bottle necks, rapidly serves Big Data, and optimizes performance.

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