• Why Dell Premier Solutions?

      Technology procurement made modern.

      Shop from a customized site and save. Procure globally with consistent pricing and products. Streamline by integrating existing procurement systems with Dell.

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        Discover insights

        Enable IT managers and buyers to make more informed decisions.

        • Meet business and organizational needs
        • Budget and forecast accurately
        • Respond to PC lifecycle and onboarding demands
        • See pricing, contract rate, and inventory up front
      • Simplify purchasing

        Simplify purchasing

        Streamline IT procurement and ensure consistency across global teams by optimizing the buying process and utilizing the optional integration of Premier into your existing procurement solution.

        • Improve ordering consistency across roles and locations
        • Take guesswork out of IT procurement
        • Automate routine processes
        • Apply process controls, workflows, and best practices
        • Reduce order errors
        • Eliminate manual and duplicate steps and swivel-seat procurement
        • Get orders underway quickly; cut delivery times
        • Decrease costs
        • Reduce risks
      • Gain autonomy and control

        Gain autonomy and control

        Manage and control the procurement process efficiently using an array of self-service, built-in reporting and management features.

        • Get automated, real-time visibility of order status
        • Plan for new projects or new-hire onboarding
        • Gain insights from robust reporting
        • Control “maverick spending“
        • Simplify and speed up repurchasing
      • All complementary as a Dell business customer. All backed by your Dell Technologies Account team.

    • Dell Premier Features List
    • Standard Premier features

    • Optional Global Procurement features

    • Optional Procurement Integration features

    • Global Procurement illustration

      Global Procurement

      IT procurement options for global organizations

      Dell Premier Solutions provide a single platform for global purchasing, reporting, and order status; allowing for multi-country, multi-currency commerce. With Premier global procurement, organizations benefit from:

      • Globally consistent pricing and standards
      • Localized currency & product options


    • Procurement Integration illustration

      Procurement Integration

      Seamless integration options for your existing procurement system

      Move your technology orders into the modern age with our global, end-to-end electronic procurement solution that integrates with your existing procurement system. Automate and streamline each step by:

      • Eliminating the need for dual entries
      • Utilizing electronic purchase orders that reduce cycle time and improve order accuracy
      • Shopping only compliant products


      Procurement Integration illustration
    • "We could set proper user expectations and reliably meet them because we had full visibility of our orders and deliveries in Dell Premier."



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