• The future of healthcare is digital, driven by emerging technologies and digitization and big data. Better patient outcomes and experiences will be driven by data and advanced connectivity.
      Dell Technologies offers your healthcare organisation the most comprehensive portfolio of technology solutions for your healthcare digital transformation, allowing you to deliver innovative, secure and sustainable solutions in pharmaceuticals, diagnostic imaging, AI, robotics, medical image storage, digital pathology and telemedicine.

    • Embracing digitization and harnessing the power of data to help accelerate and improve health and patient outcomes

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      TeleHealth: A Mission Critical 5G Use Case

      At the forefront of transformative solutions. Read more about how Dell Technologies, Telenor and and VMware are collaborating to fully leverage and realize the potential and promise of 5G, Edge and machine learning innovation applied to a TeleHealth.

    • IoT in Healthcare and Telemedicine

      Innovate fast, improve health outcomes

      Deliver solutions to power digital transformation and improve patient care with Dell Technologies OEM | Embedded & Edge solutions.  Technology can help enable better outcomes in life sciences. Transform the future of healthcare.


      Dell Technologies at Pathology Visions 2019!

      Dell Technologies is a key player and a trusted partner by over 8K hospitals worldwide[1]. Today, over 65% of storage infrastructure in US hospitals runs on our storage arrays[1]. Dell EMC is not new to the digital pathology ecosystem. In fact, our Unstructured Data Solutions (UDS) are ideal for all medical imaging and archive workloads.


      Computer Vision Transforming Industries

      Changing trends and computer vision technologies are creating powerful new solutions across safety, security, and day-to-day operations for these six leading industries, including healthcare.

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