Making robots a reality.

    • Company: OTTO Motors
    • Industry: Manufacturing
    • Headquarters: Kitchener, ON

    Meet OTTO, the self-driving vehicle that's the future of the factory floor and beyond. Through market-leading autonomous technology, OTTO Motors digitizes material flow for the world's largest manufacturers.

    Welcome to the dawn of the robot era.

    Try to imagine life without the Internet. One day, we'll be feeling the same way about robots, and the brilliant minds at OTTO Motors are leading the charge. They now have robots solving very human problems, in a very practical way — at scale — doing the work that frees up humans to perform higher value tasks, driving profitability and enhancing quality of life. CEO Matt Rendall goes deep and talks about the way his machines are thinking for themselves, and how AI and machine learning in general will improve our lives in unimaginable ways.

    Driven to be disruptive.

    In the fast-paced, exciting world of self-driving technology, a daring idea has become reality. As a market leader that's paving the way in powering one of the most important technological revolutions of our lifetime, OTTO Motors is a Canadian mid-sized business that's creating autonomous vehicles that build maps of their environment and move independently. By partnering with Dell Technologies, and harnessing the power of cloud, big data and IoT, OTTO Motors is democratizing robotics technology for their customers, and making it possible for companies of all sizes to adopt self-driving vehicles in their work environments. 

    “At the very core, robots are going to improve people's lives.”


    The connected future is here. Now.

    Self-driving cars may sound new and magical, but it's all part of a global trend that's driving human progress. Business leaders are going digital, transforming IT to create new efficiencies and drive innovation. This is the product of humanity and technology working together to turn the impossible into reality. OTTO Motors partners with Dell Technologies to pave the way into our industrial future by deploying groundbreaking autonomous robotic solutions. Meet OTTO, an autonomous robot that allows employees to innovate at a higher level. In this VR experience, go behind the scenes and see how OTTO deploys Precision workstations, VMware software, Dell EMC servers, networking and storage solutions to accelerate innovation.

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