• What is Multi-cloud

    • As Cloud offerings have evolved over the past decade, enterprises have increasingly adopted multiple Cloud services rather than rely on a single Cloud provider. Multi-cloud environments enable organizations to pick and choose among best-of-breed solutions as they decide where applications and workloads should be run.

      Here’s a brief introduction to the ins and outs of multi-cloud environments, and to the Dell Technologies solutions that can help enterprises extract the most value from their multi-cloud deployments.

    • Dell Technologies Cloud Overview

      Dell Technologies Cloud Overview

      Dell Technologies Cloud enables consistent Cloud management across all major public, private, and hybrid Clouds with a single vendor experience.

    • What is Cloud computing?

    • Cloud computing provides organizations with convenient and on-demand access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources including servers, storage, applications, networks and other computing services. Rather than acquiring, installing and maintaining computing technology on premises, Cloud computing provides access to services offered by third-party providers via the Internet or a dedicated network connection. With Cloud computing services, organizations can quickly add capacity without incurring capital expense while significantly increasing agility and scalability.

    • What is multi-cloud computing?

    • Multi-cloud computing refers to the use of multiple Cloud services rather than relying on a single Cloud service provider. A multi-cloud enivronment typically uses two or more public Cloud services (provided by third-party providers). Multi-cloud environments may also include a private Cloud, which involves Cloud technology that resides within a company’s own data center. 

    • What is multi-cloud environments designed to achieve?

    • With multi-cloud architecture, IT teams can run individual workloads on the Cloud service that will best increase application efficiency and reduce costs.

    • What are multi-cloud benefits for business?

    • Multi-cloud environments enables enterprises to reduce costs and to optimally balance capital and operational expense when procuring Cloud services. As a result, businesses can innovate faster while delivering differentiated value to their customers.

    • What are multi-cloud benefits for IT teams?

    • For IT teams, multi-cloud architecture improves the efficiency of applications and the ability to meet real-time needs of the business. 

    • What are multi-cloud challenges?

    • Every Cloud service comes with its own set of management tools, processes, SLAs and security challenges. When IT teams are responsible for managing multiple Cloud services, switching between platforms can quickly become time-consuming and cumbersome, adding additional risk as administrators must configure multiple Cloud instances while ensuring proper security for each. Data and application portability are more difficult as well, adding additional management burden and limiting speed and innovation.

    • What is multi-cloud vs. hybrid Cloud?

    • Like multi-cloud environments , hybrid Cloud environments also rely on multiple Cloud solutions. Hybrid Clouds typically involve both public and private Cloud platforms as well as technology that connects them, providing a standard set of tools for managing them, helping to simplify the management experience and enabling easier orchestration of workloads between platforms.

    • What is private Cloud vs public Cloud infrastructure?

    • A public Cloud is Cloud technology that is managed by a third-party provider, while a private Cloud is managed by a company within its own data center. Both public and private Clouds offer virtualized servers, storage and networking resources that can be accessed via Internet or a dedicated network connection. While public Cloud services offer greater speed, agility and geographical reach, private Clouds offer benefits related to tighter security, easier data governance, control over data locality and lower latency. Hybrid Cloud infrastructure enable enterprises to enjoy benefits of both on premises vs Cloud infrastructure.

    • What are multi-cloud from Dell Technologies?

    • Dell Technologies Cloud is a set of infrastructure solutions that minimizes the cost and complexity of multi-cloud architecture. With solutions engineered by Dell Technologies, Dell Technologies Cloud simplifies and operations across public, private and edge Cloud resources to reap the benefits of a hybrid Cloud infrastructure.

      Dell Technologies Cloud includes:
      VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail, a turnkey platform with automated infrastructure. Dell Technologies VCF on VxRail is a highly scalable, hyperconverged infrastructure platform that can support the most demanding workloads and applications. VMware Cloud Foundation provides a complete set of software-defined services that can orchestrate and manage both traditional and containerized apps in public and private Cloud environments. Together, these solutions enable enterprises to run, manage, automate and secure an entire application portfolio across multiple Clouds.
      VMware Cloud on Dell Technologies, a fully managed, subscription-based Data Center as a Service. This offering brings the simplicity and agility of the public Cloud to data center and edge locations, providing unparalleled consistency between public Cloud and on-premises environments.
      Dell Technologies Cloud Validated Designs. This collection of Dell Technologies best-of-breed infrastructure is pre-tested for interoperability with VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) and delivered with extensive deployment guidance. Validated Designs enable organizations to build their own hybrid Cloud infrastructure with prescriptive building blocks that meet the varied demands of workloads with independent scaling compute and storage.
      Partner Clouds. Dell Technologies Cloud enables enterprises to seamlessly extend the hybrid Cloud experience to partners like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and more than 4,200 additional Cloud partners.

    • Cloud Solutions Overview - Cloud Workloads

      Dell Technologies Cloud

      Simplify, streamline and automate Cloud operations with Dell Technologies Cloud - the industry's fastest hybrid Cloud deployment.

    • Cloud Use Cases – Cloud Migration & Apps

      Cloud Use Cases – Cloud Migration & Apps

      Dell Technologies Cloud can help modernize your data center, unify hybrid Cloud operations, build modern Cloud apps, and scale or migrate Cloud workloads.

    • Dell Technologies Cloud Resources

      Dell Technologies Cloud Resources

      Explore Dell Technologies Cloud resources.