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      Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA) DP4400 is a converged, all-in-one data appliance that combines complete backup, replication, recovery, instant access and restore, search and analytics, and seamless VMware integration – plus, cloud readiness with disaster recovery and long-term retention to the cloud.

      The IDPA DP4400 offers integrated data protection in a 2U form factor, Dell EMC PowerEdge 14G Server platform that combines protection storage, software and cloud readiness.  It is simple to manage, deploy and upgrade, and grows in place from 8TB to 24TB in 4TB increments and from 24TB to 96TB in 12TB increments – all with license keys, requiring no additional hardware, downtime or complexity.2



    Max Throughput with DD Boost
    Usable Capacity
    Max Usable Capacity with Cloud Tier¹
    Logical Capacity with Deduplication
    Max Logical Capacity with Cloud Tier¹
    9 TB/hr
    96 TB
    288 TB
    4.8 PB
    14.4 PB
    32 TB/hr
    288 TB
    864 TB
    14.4 PB
    43.2 PB
    41 TB/hr
    720 TB
    2.16 PB
    36 PB
    108 PB
    68 TB/hr
    1 PB
    3 PB
    50 PB
    150 PB
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    • 1 IDPA supports native cloud tiering for long-term retention

      2 If starting at less than 24TB, a simple field upgrade kit is required to bridge from 24TB to larger capacities. The upgrade process will require an IDPA 2.4.1 service pack update and is expected to take up to 90 minutes to complete.

      *Based on Future-Proof Loyalty Program data protection deduplication guarantee.