• A continuously modern storage portfolio for the data revolution

      The tremendous adoption of AI demands AI-enabled, efficient, scalable, powerful storage. Ensure all your customers thrive in an AI world with the Dell Continuously Modern storage portfolio, capable of satisfying any customer's storage needs.

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    • 5 Things You Need to Know

      The data revolution has changed the IT landscape forever and organizations can’t sit still in this dynamic, digital world – and neither can their data storage. Fast, secure and efficient storage of data is a vital competitive advantage. Dell’s continuously modern, software-driven storage portfolio is built to give you and your customers the best competitive advantage and the broadest portfolio of storage solutions to compete and win.

    • 1. Based on a Dell internal survey of Trusted Advisors (Dell Technologies account team and Partners) conducted March 2020, comparing issue resolution with and without CloudIQ. Actual results may vary.

      2. Based on an April 2020 Principled Technologies Report commissioned by Dell EMC, "Dell EMC CloudIQ streamlined the user experience in five cloud-based storage preventive management tasks", compared to HPE InfoSight with an HPE Primera array vs. CloudIQ with a Dell EMC Unity array.

      3. Based on Third Party Analysis, commissioned by Dell Technologies "Understanding the Economics of In-cloud Data Protection" September 2021. A Dell Data Protection Solution Designed with Cost Optimization in Mind". Results were derived from comparing Dell PowerProtect Data Manager with PowerProtect DDVE against four unnamed competitors.