• Help customers to thrive in a data driven, multicloud world

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    • Multicloud on Their Terms

      Delivering a simple, easy-to-deploy cloud experience is a challenge

      As people work from anywhere and everywhere, the pressure on IT workloads has shifted. Organizations need to be more flexible, and find ways to improve efficiency and control of remote IT operations. The ones who are doing it most effectively are beginning to break away, while others are left behind. 

    • Help your customers break through by embracing the possibilities of multicloud

    • Unify your customers’ IT infrastructure

      Discover a modern, flexible, multicloud reality with cutting-edge Dell Technologies and VMware innovation, collaboration and joint engineering, enabling you to provide your customers the simplicity and control they need to efficiently manage multiple IT environments.

      Use our intelligent infrastructure, powered by Intel, including our cloud enabled software and storage solutions, to help customers deploy unified cloud experiences that can scale and keep pace with the changing demands of their business.

    • Deliver autonomous operations

      Use a simpler approach to IT operations, that focuses on automating the monotonous and mundane tasks. With simplified solutions, engineered in partnership with VMware, we deliver software-driven innovation for the modern IT landscape from edge to multicloud with enhanced flexibility and choice.

      Our adaptable software architectures, are built on intelligence and automation to help your customers boost productivity, reduce risk and prepare for the future.

    • Cut costs and put customers in control

      With Dell Technologies and Intel behind you, you can help your customers take advantage of flexible, consumption-based models to control their IT spend. Whether through Dell APEX, or a traditional CapEx model, you can offer the choice of multicloud IT on your customers’ terms. While as-a-Service delivery ensures they’ll be able to access the tools and applications they need to innovate, grow and prepare for the future.

    • Seize the opportunity to address the multicloud market with Dell and VMware innovations


      Building upon decades of innovation and collaboration, Dell Technologies and VMware deliver tightly integrated IT platforms and multicloud solutions that speed digital transformation and scale to meet future demands.