• Welcome to Icons of Tech

        An annual Dell Technologies initiative that coincides with International Women’s Day and celebrates the remarkable strides women are making in our industry.


        The eight women illustrated here were nominated for being innovative, collaborative, and above all, inspirational, to women everywhere.


        Each of them has received an Ecoloop™ Pro Sleeve bearing their portrait by a well-known artist as a tribute to their excellence and as a keepsake.

        • Ecoloop™ Pro Sleeve

          A bag for a new age of sustainability

          By 2030, for every product a customer buys, we will reuse or recycle an equivalent product. All our EcoLoopTM label products are made with recycled materials and/or are manufactured with select processes that reduce our environmental impact.


          To learn more about EcoLoopTM and the Dell EcoloopTM Pro Sleeve, download the white paper or watch the video.

      • Meet our 2024 Icons of Tech and see what inspires them

      • Claudia Sauer

        Business Development Manager, Arrow ECS, Austria

        I’m the head of an animal rescue organization and am the Austrian contact person for boxer dogs in need. Most of my business partners and Dell colleagues know my dog, ‘Maya’ and she is also very much integrated into my “Business life”. That’s a big part of what inspires me.




      • Laura Kesäniemi

        Technical Sales Manager, Arrow ECS, Finland

        My inspiration comes from being a proud mother of three, and my family holds centre stage in my life. I find joy in cooking, exploring outdoor sports, and prioritizing overall well-being. What truly ignites my passion for technology is its unlimited potential, both in shaping career opportunities and in revolutionizing the world as we know it, but my greatest inspiration comes from observing the countless women who effortlessly balance their family and career, giving their all at work and at home.

      • Lina Lundin

        Business Development Manager, Arrow, Sweden

        I am inspired by fitness, health, and wellness, as well as meeting and connecting with new people. I like to challenge myself. Each day presents a chance to push my limits to become stronger and reach new goals.

      • Hanne Zakariassen

        Strategic Advisor, ESG, Atea, Norway

        I’m inspired by sports events and the experiences they offer, whether they’re in natural settings or in various locations around the world. Currently, I’m gearing up for the Eco Trail Oslo, a sustainable running event.

      • Tali Halfon

        Vice President of Sales, Computer C Data, Israel

        The ocean, with its boundless expanse and captivating beauty, serves as a source of inspiration for me. Especially the dolphins, they inspire me to see the world in a different light. Their carefree spirit reminds me to embrace life’s moments and appreciate the beauty around me.

      • Sarah Brix Steby

        Head of Sales Public, Danoffice IT, Denmark

        What truly inspires me are the connections I have with my family, the adventures I embark on during travel, the exhilaration I feel on the padel court, and the fulfilment I find in my work. Each aspect of my life brings its own unique joy and meaning, propelling me forward with passion and purpose.

      • Sara Nordin

        Head of Advanced Sales, Dustin, Sweden

        Traveling is my source of inspiration, and I’m eager to explore the world, experience new cultures and enjoy the food, culture and landscapes of different countries. At the top of my bucket list is an African Safari to experience the wildlife up close.



      • Svetlana Sorokina

        Managing Director, Ingram CH, Switzerland

        My three children are a big inspiration and motivation for me every day. Apart from that I enjoy learning foreign languages and foreign cultures. I like watching movies and series, reading, listening to the radio in different languages, and of course, speaking with people. I also enjoy jogging and swimming. Evening walks in the park with my husband is something for the soul.

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