• Infrastructure

    Kubernetes for Cloud SPs with Red Hat OpenShift

    • A Cloud Service Provider (CSP) Kubernetes solution to modernize enterprise applications with Container as-a-Service (CaaS) or Platform as-a-Service (PaaS) offerings.

    • Reliable Kubernetes including monitoring, backup and security

      Kubernetes for CSP with Red Hat® OpenShift ® enables you to offer various services to your customers, including Kubernetes as-a-Service, PaaS and fully managed OpenShift environments.

      Built on VxRail, this solution provides a quick time to market while minimizing operational cost and decreasing your risk by shifting security left, automating DevSecOps and protecting application workloads at runtime.

    • The solution in numbers

    • Why Dell Technologies and Red Hat OpenShift?

    • Improve application lifecycle security
      • Enables you to offer a fully automated Container-as-a-Service solution based on OpenShift.
    • Centrally managed services
      • Differentiate by offering centrally managed services across public and private clouds.
    • Expansion opportunity
      • Allows expansion to new markets quickly or extend the footprint in existing markets.
    • Risk reducing platform
      • Consistent, secure and reliable development platform that reduces risk and can be consumed as-a-Service.
    • Solution Spotlight

      Find out more about Kubernetes for Cloud SPs with OpenShift architecture, features and consumption models.

      Red Hat® OpenShift ® is one of the leading enterprise Kubernetes platforms in the market. Running Red Hat® OpenShift ® as a managed service reduces operational complexity, helping developers build, launch and scale valuable applications faster.


      Read the full solution spotlight to learn more.

    • "We look forward to working with Dell Technologies and its expanding partner ecosystem to provide flexible, open and scalable solutions for joint customers."

      Honoré LaBourdette, Vice President, Industry Verticals,

      Telco, Media & Entertainment, Red Hat.3