• Introducing the newest release of PowerScale

      With the launch of Dell EMC PowerScale in 2020, Dell Technologies and Intel® set a new standard for unstructured data storage. PowerScale is the next evolution of OneFS, and was specifically designed to help customers bring much needed structure to their unstructured data.

      PowerScale seamlessly scales to handle any data, anywhere, and with intelligent insights. The latest release introduces theF900, the fastest ever flagship all-NVMe node, which adds to the all-flash F200 and F600 line-up, as well as an updated OneFS operating system (PowerScale OneFS F900 node).

    • What’s the opportunity for you?

      Unstructured data holds huge potential to help business leaders understand results, anticipate what’s coming and act quickly on risk and opportunity. And it’s growing at a phenomenal rate in terms of volume, variety and velocity.


      IDC predicts that by 2025 80% of data growth will be unstructured data1 and the core global datasphere will be 175ZB2. This explosive growth will require organizations to invest in scalable infrastructure solutions. The problem is, modern workloads such as AI (Artificial Intelligence/ML (Machine Learning/DL (Deep Learning) and GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) accelerated applications demand speed and scale that not many vendors have the capability to deliver. Often there is inconsistent performance, low availability (999s on average from the public cloud) and lack of flexibility with cloud vendor lock-ins and unpredictable pricing and costs. This makes the newest release of Intel® based PowerScale an exciting business opportunity!

    • Take advantage of the new opportunities and verticals that the newest release of PowerScale delivers by targeting customers that have increased unstructured data storage needs, from the edge to the cloud.

    • F200

      The F200 is a cost-effective, compact, all-flash node in a 1U form factor. Powered by OneFS, the F200 is best suited for remote offices, small hospitals, enterprise edge locations or small M&E (Media & Entertainment) studios. The F200 can seamlessly co-exist with Isilon nodes and can be deployed at the edge, in the datacenter or in the cloud.

    • F600

      Powered by OneFS, the F600 is best suited for vertical markets like M&E, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Financials or Analytics. The F600 can be deployed at the edge, in the datacenter or in the cloud. It is a newly available solution with InfiniBand backend to seamlessly deploy in existing clusters.

    • F900

      The new F900 features multi-processors, all-NVMe and NVIDIA GPUDirect compatibility to handle your customers’ most data intensive workloads. Simply put, the F900 is designed to be the workhorse of modern, high performance data lakes, delivering 30% faster sequential reads than its predecessor3

    • What’s the opportunity for your customers?

      Unstructured data is not only increasing at a ferocious rate, it is being created and processed outside of the datacenter and cloud. And with IT budgets not increasing in line with this new reality, organizations require an unstructured storage solution that:


      • Brings structure to their unstructured data – from edge, to core, to cloud - and can scale in terms of capacity and performance
      • Handles diverse and unpredictable workloads running in multiple locations
      • Makes it easy to find and analyze data


      PowerScale delivers Simplicity at any scale to handle Any data, Anywhere and with Intelligent Insights using the latest technology from Intel®.

      • Key benefits of PowerScale:

        • Consolidates data from any location
        • Enables intelligent data insights
        • Scales to handle any data, anywhere
        • Delivers up to 5X the power for the same cost
        • Easy to deploy
        • Reduces rackspace
        • Includes support for all major cloud providers
        • Delivers long term investment protection
        • The latest Intel® technology
        • Proven >99.9999% reliability, virtually eliminating the risk of data unavailability4
        • Delivers Machine Learning, advanced analytics and AI through CloudIQ

      • Future-proof your customer’s infrastructure and investment

        Realize the value of today’s infrastructure safe in the knowledge that your customer’s investment is protected long-term with Dell Technologies’ Future-Proof program. 

    • Dell Technologies On Demand

      Dell Technologies On Demand provides more choice, flexibility, and predictability in how you and your customers consume IT infrastructure in today’s on-demand economy.


      Our wide range of consumption models and “as-a-service” offerings combine flexible payment solutions with value-added professional services, helping your customers free up resources and focus priorities on innovation.


      And of course everything is based on our innovative end-to-end portfolio of leading IT infrastructure technologies, relied upon by so many organizations around the world.

  • How can you get involved?

    There’s a host of resources available to help you drive the PowerScale conversation and win new business. Equip yourselves for PowerScale sales success with training, events, marketing program collateral and so much more.


    Start by downloading the PowerScale Sales Guide and Success Pack

    PowerScale Sales Guide
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    • 1Source: IDC

      2Data Age 2025, sponsored by Seagate with data from IDC Global DataSphere, Nov 2018

      3Based on internal streaming performance testing performed by Dell EMC for F900 and F800 nodes in a 3 node streaming cluster. Performance varies by cluster and is dependent on workloads. Feb 2021. Actual results will vary.

      4Based on internal, hardware availability numbers for the Dell EMC PowerScale family, which includes PowerScale and Isilon nodes