• Simplify the Edge

    Help your customers accelerate from ideas to innovation so they can generate more value from their data – wherever it exists.

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      Innovation Momentum is Building at the Edge

      More innovation is happening at the edge today. It's accelerating everywhere - across retail stores, factory floors, health care facilities, and even out in fields and farms. And it's bringing an exciting future where we can solve problems in ways we never could.

    • A Unified Approach to Simplifying the Edge

      Through decades of innovating at the edge, we've found that the best way to help customers accelerate from ideas to innovation is to simplify their edge, so they can generate more value from their data - wherever it exists.


      At Dell Technologies, we have a unified approach to simplifying the edge, which includes three different imperatives that ensure your customers are ready to innovate at the edge.

    • Generate Insights Where You Need Them

      Help customers act faster to clear the way for creativity and efficiency by optimizing their IT estate for Al and analytics near the data source.

    • Consolidate as You Expand

      Remove complexity across use cases, sites and clouds by modernizing customers' edge technology foundation and data pipelines.

    • Bring Modern Security to the Edge

      Help customers expand confidently to the edge by building security expertise into their infrastructure and processes.

    • Introducing Dell NativeEdge

      Help your customers reimagine edge operations with Dell NativeEdge – a new edge operations software platform

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