Industry Verticals: Manufacturing, Healthcare, Transportation, Energy & Utilities, Government and Defense, FSI/Banking/Hedge Funds, Media & Entertainment, CSPs

        Region(s): Global

        Use Cases: Edge to Core/Cloud Data Transport, Edge Caching and Global Namespace Cloud Repatriations, Cloud-Enabled Edge, Edge/Cloud Remote Data Access, Data Center Consolidations & Colo, Cloud Onboarding

        Dell Portfolio Compatibility:

        PowerEdge - XR11/12/4000, TXR4000, R6525, R7525, R6515, R650, R750

        Storage/HCI - VxRail, PowerScale, ECS, ObjectScale

      • Company Description

        Vcinity is a hybrid, multi-cloud data access company delivering real-time access to data at scale. We allow applications and users to instantly access data, no matter where it lives, enabling organizations to accelerate time to intelligent insights and to optimize business outcomes.

        In a digitally transformed world, increasing volumes of distributed data are being created—and organizations are grappling with how to make the right data available to the right people, at the right time to mitigate costs, productivity loses, and make better decisions. Through our patented technology, we solve the challenges of utilizing large, dispersed data sets to enable mission-critical, distributed data applications around the world.

        We do for data what cloud computing did for compute and applications: we turn it into a utility—available everywhere and on-demand.

        We embrace the unconventional through our technology leadership and cutting-edge solutions—empowering organizations to improve productivity, speed time to revenue, penetrate new markets, and lower operational costs.

        In addition to being an ISV self-certified Dell Edge Partner, Vcinity has been in the Dell OEM Engineered Solutions Program for over 2 years thereby enabling all Dell customers & partners the opportunity to procure Vcinity through their normal Dell contracts and processes. 

      • Solution Description

        Vcinity does two things: Moves data extremely fast (over distance with latency) & enables the Remote Access of data as if it were local to the compute/app/user. In essence, the solution moves and/or connects massive amounts of data securely between on-premise data centers, cloud environments and edge devices in real time. Vcinity creates a paradigm shift where organizations can overcome the challenges of data silos and data gravity by creating a continuous, connected data pipeline at global scale, in real-time.


        What differentiates Vcinity from the competition?

        Vcinity has over 32 patents which has produced an innovative capability to extend RDMA over low bandwidth, high latent IP WANs, and Satellites. Whereas all other WAN acceleration and high-speed data mover technologies need to manipulate TCP/IP and/or the data via dedupe/compression, Vcinity is the only solution that leverages RDMA and does not manipulate the data. After the first byte in transported, Vcinity turns the WAN into a LAN-like experience moving data and/or remotely connecting to data at line speeds. The solution scales linearly as bandwidth and/or latency increases; all other solutions dramatically slow down as latency/distance increase. Additionally, Vcinity is 100% transparent and agnostic to existing storage arrays, applications, network gear, etc. thereby making it easy to plug and play in any environment from the Edge to the Core to the Cloud.

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      • Vcinity & Dell Explainer Video

        Listen to this vide, to learn how, with Dell Technologies and Vcinity, you can now create real-time connectivity between data everywhere and applications anywhere.

      • Vcinity Data Movement Demo

        Vcinity enables you to move large datasets (yes, even petabytes) across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, even across globally dispersed sites or locations--20x faster than before.

        Vcinity’s technology can be deployed as bookends across your choice of Hub (hardware), Edge (hardware, software), Cloud (software) locations.

      • Vcinity Remote Data Access Demo

        Remotely access data while it stays in place.

        Vcinity enables remote data access by turning your unstructured data into a single, globally-accessible dataset. Now, the world is your datacenter—meaning you can use your global data like it’s local—you know, everywhere.

        Vcinity’s technology can be deployed as bookends across your choice of Hub (hardware), Edge (hardware, software), Cloud (software) locations.

      • Dell + Vcinity Accelerating The Edge

        Join us as Ryan Fournier, Director of Product Management at Dell Technologies and Andy Zitzmann, Sr. Director, OEM Alliances at Vcinity discuss partnership, data management, and the data growth at the Edge.

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