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        Onemind Technologies SLU

        Industry Verticals: Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail, Transportation, Digital Cities, Energy & Utilities, Environment Sustainability and Governance (ESG)

        Region(s): Global

        Use Cases: Smart City Systems Hypervisor, System Orchestrator, Command and Control Center System, Analytics, Safe City (CCTV, LPR, CAD), Business Intelligence

        • Company Description

          OneMind Technologies is a Barcelona Based company incorporated late 2020. We engineer and market "OneMindNG", a Smart Systems Orchestrator platform built on a bleeding edge technology stack that outranks our competitors. OneMind operate globally in a market growing exponentially and address the key issue of siloed system information across organizations. We have a worldwide partnership agreement signed with Dell Technologies, and have been awarded Best Partner MEA 2022 by Orange Business Services. OneMind has recently won the competitive tender to become the smart orchestrator for King Abdullah Financial District in Riyadh. We gather a unique team of skilled and experienced senior managers with an exceptional commitment to the success of our clients.

        • Solution Description

          OneMindNG is a Smart System Orchestrator for Smart Cities giving access to any expert subsystems at the same time and bringing to the operators a holistic picture of how the City is performing in real-time, as well as the ability of solving City’s incidents. 

          OneMindNG allows creating a connector layer enabling to ingest information from different type of systems or data sources, regardless the technologies used, hosted across different organizations and departments. 

          OneMindNG transforms operational decisions and reveal insights through real-time and multi-domain intelligence allowing cross-data visualization and analytics through the applications.


          OneMindNG offers 4 key features:

          • Smart Awareness: The interface provides a holistic view of all key information and real-time indicators in order to increase the awareness and make informed decisions faster. This allows to know what is happening in real time in the city, access full information seamlessly, understand the events using full information available in a unique interface, improve operational efficiency and optimize response time.
          • Smart Action: OneMindNG constantly monitors all data feeds received and triggers alerts based on business rules when an anomaly is detected. The interface also provides a step-by-step response plan based on SOP to take action and address the situation by interacting with the subsystem connected. The platform also allows the automatization of straight forward actions.
          • Smart Analytics: A complementary application that adds correlation capabilities to the hypervisor, allowing comparison of data over time, trend analytics and current status evaluation based on historical data to measure services performance, analyze behavior, identify anomalies and run data-driven investigations.
          • Smart Report: Onemind also offers a Business Intelligence (BI) tool that gathers, stores, access and analyzes corporate data to support decision-making to Integrate all data in one single dashboard, define and measure historical and current KPIs and conduct performance and gap analysis.


          What makes OneMindNG unique?

          • No vendor lock –in: We use best of breed open standards technology.
          • Holistic: The application provides a one-stop-shop platform for awareness, action, analytics and reports
          • Agnostic to client’s technologies: OneMindNG integrates with any technologies of the market.
          • Fast delivery: We deploy in question of weeks and add expert systems on the go.
          • Future proof: We can encapsulate any client’s functionality into the platform. 
          • Limitless: OneMindNG is scalable, highly available and deployable on any environment.
          • Versatile: The application is configurable to any use case in any expert domain. 
          • Workflow based: All ETL, Automation and Action Service are configurated through low code engine.
          • Adaptable: Multilanguage, multicultural and multidevice front end.
          • Intuitive: Fully configurable user interface, no coding require. 
        • Locations

          Barcelona, Spain

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